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  1. Well it took a LOT of trial and error, but I finally have success breeding the Lake Inle Danios! Last night the first fry appeared on the glass of the breeding tank, this morning a few more. Not sure how many eggs were laid, doesn't appear to be many but it's a start! Not easy fish to sex, the females are not THAT noticeably different in size from the males but I believe I have 2 females and 4 males. These fry were the result of putting both females and a single male in the breeding tank for 2 days at 74 degrees and then removing them.
  2. That's an interesting design! Thanks for sharing it. I too tend to overbuild things as well, this is my stand I built a couple years ago for my 180 gallon tank. Someone told me at the time it would likely hold my truck!
  3. Hello All, I am putting together a new stand to hold three tanks vertically in my fishroom, two 20g longs and a 29 gallon on the bottom. So the tanks are all 30" across and 12" deep. I have seen Cory's video with the stands in the store only supporting the ends of each tank, front-to-back. I am considering doing this but seems a bit frightening. I have also read a few articles saying all the weight is on the four corners so in theory I should be fine, but ... Every tank stand I have previously built supports the entire bottom frame, sides and front/back. Just wondering if others have built similar stands for tanks these sizes and just supported the sides, leaving the front and back edges open?
  4. Thanks Irene, I will definitely post some fry pictures if I am successful. Maggie, those are really beautiful danios, I have seen those on Youtube before but they are different from mine. Mine are about 3 inches long right now, having grown slightly since I brought them home. Below is an image I found online of what mine looked like when I brought them home, they have filled out a bit since. They are really difficult to photograph in the tank with their constant motion. Interestingly one of Cory's latest videos below talks about "Copper Nose Barbs" right at the beginning of the video. They look REALLY similar to my fish as well, though apparently grow much larger. So I believe my fish are Lake Inle Danios but it's possible they were mislabelled at my LFS. I guess time will tell.
  5. Thanks everyone! Great to be here.
  6. Hello All! Just found this forum today and joined. I've been watching Cory's great videos for ages on Youtube. I kept fish for many years during my teens and early 20s, then was away from the hobby for a fairly long time (kids, job, etc..) Started back up about 5 years ago and when we moved to our new house 2 years ago the basement was completely empty so I was able to build my dream tank setup into the wall of the TV room with a small fishroom behind it. (picture below) Looking forward to reading through the posts here.
  7. Hello All. I am new to the forum, have watched Cory's videos for years and just found the forum. Had a question, I was excited to find a fish I had never seen before at my LFS about a month ago, Lake Inle Danios (Inlecypris auropurpurea). I purchased a group of six and they have been filling out nicely as they were fairly skinny. See attached picture, apologize for it being a bit blurry, they are the most active fish I have ever had, never stop moving! Searching the internet I don't see a lot of info on this species. Wondering if anyone has bred them? I am assuming (hoping) they are not too difficult and breed similarly to other Danio species. Would love to get a small school of them for my large tank.
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