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  1. Do you have any experience with seiryu stone? Does it work like crushed coral?
  2. Thank you! That's a really good idea.
  3. 29 gal that has been set up for 10 months, ph has started drop and is currently at 6.4 My tap ph is 6.8 and basically non-existant KH and GH. I didn't realize when I set up my tank, that I would need a ph buffer. I add Seachem Equilibrium with water changes and wondershells every few months along with easy green and my plants are pretty happy. Just worried about the fish if ph continues to drop. I should have started with crushed coral mixed with my substrate. I also have 2 large pieces of mopani wood that probably contribute to the ph dropping. I really don't want to just dump crushed coral in with my brown gravel. Are there other rocks that will buffer ph?
  4. I like duckweed too but it does take over quickly. Dwarf aquarium lily pads are pretty too.
  5. I'm trying to figure out what deficiency I have going on. My anubias barteri new leaves are growing in curled up on the edges. It makes me think its a calcium deficiency, but I already add Seachem Equilibrium to my very soft city water, keeping the GH at 5. Also add easy green and Flourish Potassium(which keeps the java fern happy) Possibly too much light from the Fluval 3.0? Stocked with cardinals and gouramis since I have naturally soft water 29gal, 7.2 ph, 78° Nitrate 20ppm, nitrite 0, ammonia 0
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