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  1. When I was cleaning the felt pads in my Ziss Never Clog Air Stones I lost one of the plastic separator discs. Is it OK to run the air stones with the felt pads touching each other? Thanks.
  2. Interesting. How long do you soak the food in the Vitachem?
  3. I’ve read where people say they feed freeze dried food as a treat. I feed freeze dried food twice weekly as part of my weekly food rotation with staple flakes, staple pellets, live bbs and frozen foods. Is twice weekly too much for freeze dried food? Why do some people consider it to be a treat to be fed only occasionally? I feed Hikari freeze dried from the Co-Op which has added vitamins so I’m thinking that makes it OK for regular feeding. TIA!
  4. Evan

    ACO IP

    I'm glad you got legal advice about it. You have such a strong brand it would suck if someone tried to infringe on it. Maybe you could ask your lawyer about at least using the little "TM" on your logos, etc. By the way, I didn't see it mentioned in the article but if you have a registered trademark and someone infringes there is the possibility you could recover from them three times the amount of your damages. Sorry if this topic is too off-topic even for the General Discussion board.
  5. Evan

    ACO IP

    Why aren’t the Aquarium Co-Op name, logo and Murphy picture registered trademarks?
  6. Wow. I have to say I'm surprised to read these glowing reviews. Frankly, I hate the new format and I find the mobile site now unusable. When I'm trying to read about a product on my iPhone, say the ingredients in a particular food or how to work the Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery, this dropdown thingie telling me to add the product to my cart drops down automatically and covers half the screen. Now I can't read what's on the screen. Nor can I see the "you may also like" product links toward the bottom of the screen. Oh well, maybe when I get home to my desktop I will remember to look again for the information or product I was interested in. Or maybe not. I get that the dropdown thingie comes and goes but I can't for the life of me figure out how to control it. Is there a setting I'm missing? Am I just tech illiterate? There are issues on the desktop version too. The dropdown thingie shows up here but it isn't so bad because it is fairly unobtrusive. However, now when I read a blog post and want to check out all the "featured products" there is no link to the product page. The only thing you can do is add the product to your cart. Then you can view your cart, click on the product picture and be taken to the product page. Instead of one step to read about a featured product there are now three steps. Four if you count removing the product from your cart because you were just browsing anyway because an excellent blog post got you thinking about trying something new. FYI, this is also a problem on the mobile site. This is just way I see it. Your mileage may vary.
  7. Update: I turned the knob down a bit and loosened the air stones and the air pump is back to its normal sound. Thanks for the advice!
  8. I went from a 20G to a 55G last December. I put the empty 55 on its stand right next to the 20, drained most of the water from the 20 to make it lighter and then moved it. Next I moved the 55 into place, moved the filter and heater from the 20 onto the 55 and filled up the 55 with water pretty close to the temperature in the 20. When the temperature in the 55 was good I transferred the fish and got rid of the 20. I have two filters on the 55, the first being the one that came off the 20, which would be too small for the 55 alone. The second filter is new so I seeded the new media and new pads in the 20 for about a week before the move. (I also got a second heater because the old one was too small for the 55 alone but that’s not really relevant here.) I hope that’s helpful.
  9. LOL I just now saw today’s video on the More Aquarium Co-Op YouTube channel. Very timely! Not exactly my issue but still funny. Love Irene!
  10. Thanks all. I will try fiddling with the knob and the air stones too.
  11. I've been running an Aqua Top 100 air pump since January. Last night it started making a new noise that sounds kind of like a fluttering or warbling sound. Has anyone else encountered this? Could the air pump be defective? Thanks.
  12. I accidentally got a lot of unhatched brine shrimp eggs mixed in with the baby brine shrimp I fed to my fish. Should I be worried that my fish are going to get sick? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi. I'm not sure if this topic should go here or in the Fish Breeding section so if this is not the right place admins please feel free to move it. Here are my BBS questions: The directions on the Co-Op site say to use 1 tablespoon of salt per liter of water. I have always used 1 2/3 tablespoons per liter. Do the Co-Op eggs have different salinity requirements than other eggs? I'm a bit confused about the packaging. Do I dump the eggs from the zip lock pouch into the canister? Do I toss the canister and keep the eggs in the pouch? Do I toss the metal lid of the canister and use only the plastic lid? Thanks!
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