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  1. I'm a big fan of the beamworks da 6500 for a low budget light, already had one on my 30 and added the nicrew that's reccomended so often and its utter garbage compared to the beamworks especially considering the small price difference and doesnt add much light compared to the beamworks by itself.
  2. For a 20 tall not sure what plants I'm going to grow in this tank yet, definitely not expanding my co2 system right now and want to stick with the flourescent light I already have so obviously low light low tech plants only. Preferably available on amazon on a budget. Pic of the start of the tank it will be going on for tax, pics of my other tanks just cause I like yall and I like showing my tanks and vicki valencort showed me her boobies and I liked those too lol.
  3. Working on hard scape on a 20 tall, I would love artistic advice and plant and livestock suggestions, want something other than guppies in this one and looking for the scape to be the attention more than the fish.
  4. Just added another light to my 30 gallon and went with the nicrew based on several recommendations in the past, here is it compared to the beamworks da6500 i already had for it. First picture is both, second is nicrew only, last picture is beamworks only. Nicrew seems much much dimmer than the beamworks and doent actually seem to make it much brighter than just beamworks alone but if my dwarf baby tears finally start carpeting i guess ill know its enough additional to acheive my goal. Anyway if you are poor like me and looking for a budget light i think beamworks is the better buy for a little more money and ive had good results with just it.
  5. I use those cuddlefish wonderbones that are ground up and reconstituted since i need tons of calcium for my shrimp and snails and before i started using it i think my kh was around 8 now its at 13. May be many better options our there but thats just my personal experience.
  6. I think i mis explained what i meant, the part of that conical intake cage that doesnt fit into the tube could be sealed so they cant climb through the gaps. Planning another 10% water change tomorrow. To top off my shrimp deaths lost 2 of the 5 otos i recently got in the last day. Couldnt quartine like normal since they need something more established to feed so hopefully no disease. The body i found had a pretty bloated belly and the other dissapeared. I floated them and added little tank water to their bag every hour or so for about 8 hours before releasing them in the tank since the store told me to transition them slowly, i really need them for string algae control on my plants.
  7. I can stick that down the tube of one of my sponge filters and seal it with silicone if it doesnt stick in the full depth of the cage and have it power it instead of the airstone in it now and not have to worry about baby shrimp right?
  8. Been running co2 in that tank about as long as its had shrimp but i probably dont have it dialed in ideally because i rely on a drop checker as an alarm and just increased the flow rate of co2 until it started turning yellow during the day then backed off until it started getting that lighter green that comes before yellow near the end of the day and called it good.
  9. No idea what powdered c02 is unless it would be crushed dry ice and no i dont use that. Have gas co2 injected via a diffuser with a regulator and 5lb bottle. Do use excel to help control algae but dont count that as c02 .
  10. Sorry i thought i replied right after yall but apparently it was stuck here in the reply box. Are powerheads shrimplet safe or would they be a vacuum/blender? If they are is there a very inexpensive model available on Amazon that is reliable and safe?
  11. Temp varies from one end of the tank to the other but is stable and it only varies a couple degrees from end to end. I forgot to mention the ph at the co2 end is 7.4 but the opposite end was 8.5. They hang out in the hortwort on the left a lot and its right beside the heater and in front of the filter so flake food gets pushed down in hornwort for them. Dont know exact ages, some were mid size and couple adults. Some babies might be getting eaten but i only have guppies, oto cats, and snails with them and im finding bodies not just noticing them missing. What water change regiment would you change too? I was under the impression shrimp prefer stability over frequent changes so i just top off and semi regularly check nitrates and amonia to make sure my fertilizing is still keeping me in what i assume is best range of 10-20ppm and nothing is out of whack.
  12. Been keeping neocardinia about a year and only found a couple dead in that time, ive found at least 5 this week and need advice. Kh 8 gh 13 78°f amonia 0 nitrates 10ish tds 575 heavily planted liquid rock tap water safe declorinator powder co2 injection 2 sponge filters and a marineland 350 55 gallon feed omega one freshwater flakes and occasional peas and zucchini. Havent done a water change in probably 6 months because my nitrates stay at zero unless i fertilize ans i use easy green easy iron and excel to help control algae, consulted with my lfs earlier and he reccomended a 10% water change in the meantime but suggested seeking further advice because his expertise is saltwater and he doesnt want to steer me wrong with shrimp.
  13. Is anyone aware of measuring spoons corresponding to various tank sizes to dose safe? Is any mathmatizer willing to tell me a weight measurement that can be weighed on the standard $10 digital weed scale for 10,20,30, and 55 gallon tanks? Pic of my favorite little buddy as thanks.
  14. I'll try to find a way to get some soon but it cant be today or probably even this week. I dont run c02 at night it comes on with my light for 8 hours. How would you go about catching shrimp when most of them stay pretty well hidden? Is there a simple way to raise my hardness with stuff most people have around? I break a piece of reconstituted cuddlefish bone in after each water change to make sure shrimp and snails have enough calcium already but clearly it's not enough.
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