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  1. I have never had these guys. I guess I assumed they would just hang out at the bottom all day filtering through the substrate. In fact, they spend lots of time jetting around up and down the water column. Is this normal? It’s not a sign of something like oxygen issues or anything?
  2. Thanks. It’s possible I may be succumbing to “want to tinker” syndrome! 😁
  3. I think I have my algae problem under control. I’ve added 4 Amano shrimp, 3 ottos, 5 Pygmy Cory’s and 2 sparking gourami to my tank. I would like to fill out the plants a bit more. Maybe carpet, maybe even mid or upper. any good idea for this low tech tank?
  4. Thanks for all the help. I got some amano shrimp and a few ottos. I assume the trick now is not add any food given they are only inhabitants?
  5. Sorry SAE? Also do you think I can deal with this by stocking? No need to tear it apart or chemical treat?
  6. I have a 15 g Fluval flex which is heavily planted and had 4 pea puffers. I’ve gotten rid of the puffers and want to stock the tank to balance it and clean up the algae outbreak. I am thinking of some Amani shrimp, a few neurogenic snails and a pleco. good or bad idea? Better ideas?
  7. My lights are on timer for 6 hours per day. I dose fertilizer once a week and put in substrate pellets once in a while.
  8. I feel like I am way over feeding because their food comes in these giant frozen blocks. I am using the standard frozen cubes of blood worms and brine shrimp. I have 4 pea puffers. do people cut off a small piece of a block to thaw? If so how much? or do you thaw a block and just give a little at a time? If so do the thawed ones last in the fridge? How much do you feed? thanks
  9. I have a fluval 15 very heavily planted. I added 4 pea puffers and 5 ammano shrimp three weeks ago. My mom is now sick in the hospital and I am going to have to leave the tank unattended for a couple weeks. Anything I can do to help the fish and shrimp live? I assume I can’t get an auto feeder for blood worms?
  10. I setup a a new 15 flex that is heavily planted. Moved most of the plants and rocks, wood from an old mature balanced tank. Moved the sponges and ceramic media from same tank. Only new thing in tank is substrate. This tank should be essentially cycled right away correct? I can add lifestock?
  11. I put a plug in timer on my flex but it will only start in storm mode. Any idea? I tried putting it in white mode and unplugging and plugging back in but no luck
  12. @Streetwiseaka pea puffer snacks. 😀
  13. Do you think I can get away with 5 in this flex 15g with this level of planting? They would be the only fish. Thinking I will add a few Amano shrimp too.
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