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  1. That's a fair point! I think that's a good idea. That 75 sounds tempting, and I think would give me the look I am looking for. I wonder how much more maintenance it would take in comparison to the 40 and 55. I would think probably two filters and possibly two heaters, one for each end?
  2. Hello everyone! I thought I would introduce my self to the forum! I am fairly new in this hobby and I have had a wild ride so far. I have been spending some time researching and learning a lot and I am really enjoying it! I have 2 smaller tanks. One 3+ gallon Betta tank (my buddy Frank) with a smaller anubias and java fern which I keep in my desk, he keeps me company in those long days working from home. The other tank is a 5 gallon with 3 white clouds, snail, and 2 ghost shrimp and it is also lightly planted with a java fern and brazil sword which is my kids tank and they enjoy looking at them a lot. Both tanks have been cycled, and it was very interesting learning about all that in a pinch but I have really enjoyed it and have found it very rewarding! Both tanks are doing amazingly good and I am thinking about picking up a couple more white clouds in the meantime since 3 is a lonely number as I have learned on my journey. I am also thinking about a couple of shrimp and a snail for Franks tank to keep the algae and waste at bay! At the time we got those tanks the size sounded good but from my research and how much I am enjoying doing it, I am going to be stepping it up to a bigger main tank. I am also considering replacing the current 5 gallon tank with possibly a 10 gallon and making that 5 gallon like a quarantine tank and possibly getting a nice all glass cube style tank for Frank (my Betta) and possibly use this 3 gallon tank for clean treated water for water changes, but may be I can use just one of those home depot buckets for that! I am in the fence about my new tank. I was thinking about doing a 33 long, but now I am willing to step it up a little more and I am looking at a 40 breeder or 55 gallon. I like the depth of the 40, but the length of the 55. My goal is to have a very natural looking planted tank that will help in sustaining itself and definitely would like a variety of fish. I am also in the process of moving to the west side and I'll be in close distance to the Aquarium Co-Op which I am looking forward to visiting very soon! I will do my best in contributing where I can and learn a lot as well!
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