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  1. I started finding them after we put the Christmas moss in the tank. It looks cool
  2. I've found a few of these in different spots in my tank. Some in my cabombas, some in my Christmas moss, and some floating on the surface. Sorry the pic is not too great
  3. Thank you very much. I feel much better now
  4. Interesting. I did put root tabs the night before. But the capsules are green. Have you seen this before? It was about 3 times the size of a root tab.
  5. Nothing new in the tank for about 8 months now. I vacuumed it out and haven't seen any more. I was just curious to see if someone might have seen this before. Co2 and easy green is the only thing I put in. Besides the prime conditioner when I do my weekly water change.
  6. No I haven't lately. Probably over a month. What confused me was it was just swaying on the substrate but not attached to anything
  7. I do have shrimp but this thing was bigger than my julii corys. I know its hard to tell the size of it but way bigger than a shrimp molt
  8. Saw this in my tank this morning. It wasn't attached to anything and when I tried to pick it up with tongs it just fell apart. Very delicate. I ended up vacuuming it out. All of my water parameters are good. I did a water change last night and it was there when I woke up.
  9. I used to put a fluval 30 sponge across the outflow when I had a HOB. It worked really well
  10. The cycled media you are using should speed things up. It worked wonders for my setup
  11. Every setup is different. My 10 gallon took 4 weeks to cycle. My 65 took a week but I had cycled filter media. If you do put livestock before it cycles you have to keep constant checks on the water parameters. And be prepared to do plenty of water changes to keep the fish safe.
  12. My plants are finally growing. The cabomba grows so fast I have to prune it constantly.
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