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  1. Hello, I was just wondering how you all keep your aquarium tools? I have a Cup that keeps most of my stuff for quick reach but then a black three drawer organizer for my rocks and wood. Looking for unique Ideas.. I also have Aquarium Co-Op towels at the ready hanging on my stands. Thank you, Eric
  2. Hello! Received some great fish a while back in its own tank and doing wonderful. Can’t find much on them but some shopping sites. What can I do to make them comfortable? nothobranchius eggersi care have Saturday
  3. Hello, Just trying to have a little fun.. About to put in an order. I was wondering what your average online order. For me: 1. Sticker of Choice- Or wife's 2. One Plant for a Tank 3. Food 4. Fertilize 5. Random ( Algae Scrubber, Sponge Filter) Thank you and Enjoy your day, Eric
  4. Hello, I am not involved much with MAS. I like the idea. The two auctions I went to before COVID were done very well I feel. The online auction seemed to work well too. I have not attended a meeting but that is on me and not the club. They seem to offer a wide range of topics. Thank you Fish Folk for that link.. I had no idea. That is very helpful.. I was thinking there were a lot of states that dont have anything. Maybe we reach out to the State Facebook Groups for those states asking if they would like to form Club? I know having a club is hard work but with help from other groups I feel it could work. I would like to also focus on stores that want to be involved. Its hard to search for your local fish store, some don't have websites ( which is just fine), some just are indexed incorrectly. If someone fly's into your state it would be great to just have a list of stores. I like what Tolstoy21 states about the forum with some active participation Thank you and have a great day everyone! Eric
  5. Hello, I am pretty new to the hobby, not going to lie. I have been watching Corey and other fellow youtubers for a while now probably around 4 years. I really enjoy Corey's take on the business aspect to the hobby and how he wants to help the hobby as well as his amazing amount of fish knowledge. I really like how Corey would like to educate, connect and help the community. I was thinking to myself how he could get everyone connected. I have been apart of the Minnesota Aquarium Society for the past two years only really participating in the auctions. I was wondering if all the states have clubs, regions have clubs or areas have clubs? Is there any way we could utilizes them to help connect everyone. Does anyone know about database or website that has a list of all fish stores in each state. I feel looking up local fish information is pretty hard. This could also help connect people. Example would be like all the golf clubs in each state.. that is easy to find.. Sorry to bore you.. Just wondering. Thank you and have a great day.
  6. Spicyfin are you my lost twin.. i have similar set up 🙂
  7. Thank you all! Great comments and love the ideas too. Trying to get my wife to ok a smaller rack... already have 6 tanks around the house for Betta and others but I want to dedicate one area to a different colors. Thank you!
  8. Hello, I am just wondering what color freshwater shrimp people are interested in. I have 4 different colors ( Cherry, Blue Dimond, Orange Rili and Yellow Goldenback's) Each time I get a new color I fall more and more in love. I would love Green Jades but from my understanding they don't breed true and I rather not have that in my tank if. What is your favorite? Can be Neos and Caridina! Have a Great New Year! Eric
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