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  1. Are you sure the CO2 will gas out? It's been in the tank for two weeks since the last major water change with a sponge filter and it hasn't really changed.
  2. Somewhere between 90 and 70 mg/l (way to high according to the table)
  3. Using this chart I calculated the CO2 in my tapwater. My KH is off the charts (test strips) while my pH is pretty low. The only reason I could think of was high CO2 since CO2 lowers the pH and hightens the capacity of carbonates in the water. My question is wether this CO2 is available for my plants and wether it might harm my fish. I don't have any problems with my fish right now, but they are all pretty hardy. I do get a lot of growth, even on my anubias, though my java moss struggles.
  4. I love my assassins, they look amazing and keep bladder snails under control. Of course you can't add any other type of snail to the tank.
  5. I just saw this on reddit, it's a log eaten away by termites and it looks like it would be absolutely amazing for a shrimp tank and aquariums in general. I wonder if anyone has experience with this, especially with preparing it for the tank (sterilization and such) and if it is not as uncommon as I thought where I could obtain such a piece of wood.
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