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  1. Thanks s1_. I'll look for the video.
  2. We have really hard water. We add about RO/DI water to our hard water in our holding container. The RO/DI filters water so slowly that we have to do it ahead of time. Between our 135, 60, and two 10 gallon aquariums the container water gets used/replaced every 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you. 🙂
  3. We have a 45-gallon container for storing water in, for water changes. Should we pump air into the water?
  4. Are there any businesses that sell male only nerite snails (No female nerites)? We know some people don't mind nerite snail eggs all over their aquariums, but we're not. Been there - Done that. 🙂
  5. We're not worried about them hatching in our aquarium since we don't have brackish water. It's the white eggs all over the dark colored wood in our tank we don't like. If there is a fish, frog, etc., that could eat the eggs, but leaves the nerite snails alone, it would be great. 🙂
  6. Are there any freshwater aquarium animals that eat nerite snail eggs? Edited to add: We don't have brackish water, so we're not worried about them hatching. It's the white eggs all over the dark wood in our aquarium that's an eyesore.
  7. Darn, it's too bad we bought a second bag of media. We started the tank on Dec 17, so I keep expecting to see changes. I won't be so concerned now. Thanks! We are careful when following directions for the API tests.
  8. Thanks for your reply. This is a brand new 135-gal tank so when we purchased the first plants we purchased a small bag of media from the aquarium shop’s established tanks, and a week later purchased a larger bag of their established media along with more plants. We’ve been doing frequent H2O parameter checks using API master test kit the entire time, and we’ve now started adding fish. All fish have remained healthy. Minnows ate the white fungus on wood. Algae is growing on the tank walls – as expected. We’ve made no water changes yet. Does the following mean the plants and bacteria are keeping everything in balance? Our pH has not changed, at all, since we started the tank - it’s still 7.6. Ammonia was 0.25 the first two times we tested, but has remained O-ppm for the last 10 tests. Nitrite tested at 0.25ppm the first 2 times, but it’s been O-ppm several times since then. We’ve never had a Nitrate positive test since we started the tank.
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