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  1. Yes, several of my fish have a bacterial infection that looks like white cotton on them. So I am treating for that.
  2. I would say from looking at chart it’s about 5. ppm
  3. It showed that high 30 min after I did a 75% water change.
  4. I just tested both for nitrate just now and the one with high nitrite also has high nitrate but the one with no high nitrite is normal level nitrate.
  5. I have 2 tanks I did same exact thing on and only 1 has the high nitrite levels. No ammonia in either tank.
  6. I used Ultimate not prime.
  7. I just added Ich-x and Maracyn to my tank to treat my fish. I did a 75% water change before adding it. After about 30 minutes I decided to check the water and the Nitrite levels are super high. Is the medicine causing it to look that way or is there really that much in there? It should be fine since I did 75% water change, right? What should I do?
  8. I am new to having fish and have learned a lot in past few weeks about what it takes to care for them. I have been watching a lot of the video's which are a big help, Thank you. My question is, I had already bought the fish the day I got the tank and had no clue about cycling a tank till after I got them in there. So I went to the store and got Seachem Prime to keep in the water to bind the ammonia until the tank becomes cycled. I have added a few plants and check the water everyday. I change the water every other day about 50%. I have a lot of decoration in the tank also for Beneficial Bacteria to grow on. I added the Beneficial Bacteria Balls in there to help speed up the process. So far I haven't noticed any in there from the test. Its been about 3 weeks. I noticed today that my fish have Ich starting. I ordered the Ich-x from Aquarium Co-Op to help get rid of Ich. I read that I cant put it in the tank with the Prime. My question is what should I do? If I quite using Prime and the ammonia spikes my fish will die. I have Mollies, Tetras, and Mystery Snails in the 20 gallon tank.
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