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  1. This explains why we’ve had such a difficulty keeping our snails alive.
  2. There are 6, you just don’t see the first square.
  3. When testing my water, the hardness shows as pink which isn’t on the bottle. Is my water extremely hard or extremely soft? What if anything should I add to the water. My buffer and ph are very low. What if anything should I add?
  4. I planted a new tank with Fluval Stratum. Should I also be adding root tabs now, or so I wait a few months?
  5. I set up a 5 gallon tank on 7/9 with spider wood, rock, Anubius and Fluval Stratum. Lights running for 9 hours and dosed easy green and liquid carbon. Started seeing white algae on spider wood, today 7/12. Nitrites and Nitrates just starting to register. Is this just part of the tank cycling process? Is there anything I should be doing now? How long will it take to go away?
  6. I thought the algae on the wood was hair, but the stuff on the anubius looks different.
  7. I have algae growth in my 55 gallon tank and would like help identifying the type(s) so I can figure out how to remove it. Just added 6 Amano shrimp and have 6 Siamese Algae eaters in quranteen. There were 6 Otocinclus in the tank, but only one remains.
  8. I am having problems with algae growth on my plants. I converted the tank to a community fish tank with plants in January of this year. I am using the Fluval 3.0 lights at 30% output with blue at 5%. 30 min ramp up, 6 hours day light and 30 min ramp down. Water parameters: GH- 7, KH- 3, PH-7.2, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, temp 78-79. I feed easy green, easy carbon and easy iron weekly and root tabs monthly. Even with feeding I have not register nitrates over 0. I run a wet dry filter and think the system is very efficient causing the 0 nitrates. The tank has 6 snails, 2 hill stream loaches, 6 Cory cats, 20 cardinal tetras, 20 rummy nose. 5 dwarf gourami just added yesterday. Should I reduce the light percentage and duration? What else can I do?
  9. James, My tank has been in operation for years. It was a Cichlid tank until Dec. I did a major tank cleaning and ran the tank foe about 4-6 weeks with no fish. I added plants in January but lost som Anubius and Java Ferns. I did a water change in late January and added the Java fern and Ludwigia last Friday. With everything registering at 0 how often would you recommend doing a water change and how much.
  10. I have a 55 gallon tank with a wet dry filter. For plants, there are Anubius, Dwarf Sagitaria, Java Fern & Ludwigia, 6 small sterbai coy cats, 2 hill stream loaches, 6 snails, 8 cardinal tetras, 10 rummy nose tetra, and more tetras in a hospital tank that will be moved over and plans to add dwarf gourami. I have been feeding root tabs 1 per dwarf sagitaria monthly and easy green once per week, and have 0 amonia, 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate. Is my wet dry so efficient that I never get an increase in nitrates? Are the nitrates going up and then back down so fast I never read >0? should I feed more often or more per feeding? Just get a lot more fish? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. I have some Hikari Sinking Cichlid Pellets. Can I feed the Cichlid food to my Cory Cats?
  12. I placed rummy nose tetras and Sterbai Corey into my 20 gallon quarantine tank on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I add the med trio to the tank. I woke up this morning and I had 11 dead rummy nose. Amonia, nitrite and nitrates are zero. Could the meds cause the die off, I pored the powder meds directly into the tank. Should I have mixed in water first and then add?
  13. I converted my existing 55 gallon Cichlid tank over to a planted tank this past weekend. I ordered all my plants from aquarium coop and they arrived in great condition. (4 types of anubias, java fern, windelov java fern, and dwarf sagittaria.) More plants will be added, just not sure what I want to add yet. Here are my questions 1) How soon after planting should I start fertilizing my plants? 2) I am using a fluval 3.0 lamp and am starting out at 50% output. (2 hour sunrise, 8 hour day time, 2 hour sunset). Planning to increase the percentage every couple of weeks until I reach 75-80%. Is that a good percentage to stop at? 3) What order should I bring in my fish? (Cardinal Tetra, Rummy Nose Tetra, Pearl and Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, Cory Cats, bristle nose placo, snails, and shrimp) Not sure a what point to bring in the algae eaters. 4) Can the first group of fish I purchase go directly into the tank, or should I quarantine first? 5) How long should fish be quarantined? I have read 2, 4 and even 6 weeks 6) Should snails and shrimp be quarantined? If yes, what should I feed them? 7) If a fish gets sick once in the tank, is it safe to medicate with plants in the tank, or place the sick fish into a hospital tank and medicate?
  14. I have a 55 gallon tank with a trickle filter using bioballs for filtration, small pebble rock as a substrate, rock/driftwood Hardscape and adding the fluval 3.0 light. The tank is Established and being converted over to a community fish tank with live plants. Planning on starting with various anubias, java fern, Bacopa caroliniana, Ammannia Gracilis, Scarlet temple. knowing that the plants will grow over time, How many plants should I start with? Thanks for your input.
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