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  1. Have I gone to her house? No. The water has been brought to me and tested, bottles have been labeled for where they came from. What’re you thinking? I’ve had her send me photos and videos (we message on Facebook) but I wasn’t sure if she’d want me sharing her tank on here. But no I physically haven’t been at the house doing things but she’s recorded things for me and keeps me updated
  2. Tap water isn’t cloudy but what’s weird is that it’s 6.0 ph but her tank ph is 7.8. We both use city tap, mine is 7.8ish but hers is not and somehow when it goes in the tank it spikes but she has no coral or anything in it, just basic gravel and plastic decor.
  3. Have not tested phosphate, I tested the tap water and that made me more confused. We live in an area with really hard water, my tap is 7.8, she also uses city tap but hers is 6.0 but her tank is 7.8 so something odd is happening with her tap and the transition to the tank
  4. Alright so rather than respond to each person helping me before I thought I’d post an update here. Long story short, customer of mine has had white cloudy water for 3 months. We’ve tried water changes, intake sponge, coarse sponges, filter floss, more water changes, fast days on fish, leaving it be, and so on but nothing seems to work. No ammonia or nitrites, nitrates is usually about 20ppm five or take, ph 7.8. Water from her tap isn’t cloudy but we tested the ph, her tap water has 6.0 ph. She has city water, just like me, my tap is 7.6ish, no water softener, no additives, just same city water as me. So somehow her tap is 6.0 (which is very weird) and when she adds Prime and then it goes into the tank her water is somehow 7.8ph in the tanks she has plastic decor, standard aquarium gravel, HOB filter, no calcium blocks, no aragonite, no crushed coral, nothing that would raise the ph like that and yet it’s shooting up and the water has been cloudy for months. We’re in Iowa, we’ve got hard water, lots of calcium so it’s weird that her tap ph is so low. Also someone mentioned possible excess phosphate, I haven’t tested for that but I know phosphate binds to calcium so??? idk guys I’m at a loss, something is certainly weird about her tap but I feel like something is also wrong within her rank to cause ph spike like that
  5. Water changes are around 20% (2 gallons or so with gravel vacuum), she’s also tried a couple larger changes closer to 40-50% but not the whole tank. If it’s a source in the plumbing that would mean she would need to always get water elsewhere which would be a real bummer. I can help with that but I can’t imagine she’d be happy having to drive out and get water any time she wants to do a WC
  6. It’s hard water for sure, I’m not sure how hard which what I would like to test today
  7. I know that there is no softener, hot cold also doesn’t seem to affect it because I told her to let it sit in the bucket for a day or two for one of the water changes. Not sure about water cloudy out of the tap, we both have city water and mine is fine out of tap but maybe something is going wrong with the water I guess getting to her house? We both use Seachem Prime as well for conditioning, that’s part of my confusion because I’ve guided her to do things I do with my tanks to have nice clear water but none of it works but we should have the same water so what the heck? I’m stumped
  8. Alright guys, so I’m trying to help a customer who comes to my store with a tank cloudiness problem. Her tank has been cloudy for almost 3 months now (white haze cloudy). At the start I told her it was just a bacterial bloom for a new tank and it would go away in 2 days, it did not. A week passed and we did a water change (0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 20 Nitrates, Ph 7.6). She’s got guppies, they’re active, they eat, she doesn’t over feed, she even does a fast day. Tank is still cloudy. Water change, still cloudy, test water still cloudy. Add in intake sponge, still cloudy, replace the cartridge with sponge, still cloudy, use water purifier, still cloudy, use filter floss still cloudy, water changes, still cloudy, let it sit for 2 weeks, still cloudy. Every time we change water it’s cloudy, we test the water it’s perfectly fine. The fish are active and healthy, everything is fine except it’s white cloudy. My only thought now is maybe there’s somehow excess calcium in the water? Maybe her tap has ridiculous amounts of calcium? Gonna test hardness tomorrow but does anyone have thoughts otherwise? It’s a 10 gallon with guppies (I think 4 or 5), intake sponge on filter, sponge in filter with floss, water changes weekly, it’s a healthy tank as far as I can tell. What am I missing? BTW part of my confusion is I have the same tap, my water is crystal clear, my water even tests the same as hers. I feel like I’m missing something but every time I’m researching it always goes back to bacterial bloom but that doesn’t seem to make sense.
  9. Hey folks, I’m thinking about getting an Apistogramma pair for a 20 gallon tank. It will be fully planted and I know to use sand and even build them a little cave which I’m doing (tank isn’t finished yet). The tank mates will be neon tetras and possibly amano shrimp or pygmy corydoras. I won’t be getting the pair any time soon, probably months away and I’ve been doing research but I was curious if anyone here has experience they can share provide advice. Thank you
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