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  1. Hi guys! Thank you so much for the advice. I'll definitely keep an eye out for pygmy cories then. For now I'd like to wait for my ember tetras to get a bit bigger and see if the Betta changes his opinion on them. For now he has no interest in them or the snails 😄
  2. Hi everyone! I would like some advice for stocking my 29 gallon. At the moment I have a male betta, 17 ember tetra and 2 nerite snails. I plan to add a few amano shrimp in the future if my male betta allows it. I was wondering however if I should keep the stocking that I have or if I can add another school of fish? I was thinking pygmy cories or galaxy rasboras. Though I am worried it might be overstocked with another school of fish. My tank has a 55 seachem tidal filter, temp of 79F, pH around 7.2-7.4, hardness of around 100ppm. Its also a planted tank.
  3. Okay awesome! Thank you so much! I was worrying over nothing 😂
  4. Hello everyone! I just bought the trio pack of aquarium co-op meds and was wondering how to dose my 29gallon tank. Direction say to add a packet for every 10 gallons, etc. Should I round up or down? Thank you in advance!
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