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  1. I was afraid to hear that, but you’re probably right…
  2. Hey guys, a friend gave me a bunch of lava rock from his front yard. He has used an herbicide in his yard but not directly on the rocks and is pretty sure he’s never used insecticides. Just to be safe how can I thoroughly decontaminate these rocks so that they can safely go into my shrimp tank?
  3. Hey guys, I just got inherited a king betta and I’m looking for the best tank to put him in. Would he be alright in a 100 gallon with 20 rainbow shiners and 20 white clouds? Its pretty heavily planted with big driftwood and rocks. Obviously, I don’t want any fish to die, but I especially love my rainbow shiners. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hey guys, I have a river tank with a lot of hillstream loach. I thinking about my setup. any of y’all tried a river tank with power heads and pvc? Or any other setup that’s effective? How is the maintenance? I have a 75 with a circular flow. I don’t know if that’s bad or not. Just wanna hear about other people’s experiences.
  5. Oof ok now I need to find someone with a 3D printer. Thank you Streetwise!
  6. So I was given a Fluval nano light, and I only have rimmed tanks. Any one have any ideas or ever modified something to make this light fit a rimmed tank?
  7. Ok I put an airstone in there and lowered the temp a little. Hopefully that stops the bleeding.
  8. Dang. Alright. I guess I’ll look to move my shiners to a species only tank .
  9. So I don’t know how to upload a video bc it won’t let me right from my phone but here are some gifs of them. @Fish Folk @WhitecloudDynasty
  10. Yeah that’s a good idea. Surprisingly, I don’t have any on my phone. I’ll video them after work.
  11. @Fish Folk is it possible rainbow shiners are more sensitive to higher CO2 levels?
  12. Yeah I put <1 ppm because I’m sure there’s some non zero number amount of ammonia in the aquarium. Maybe they need their own tank with lower temps.
  13. Hey guys, I need some help. I have a 75 gallon aquarium. I had 15 rainbow shiners with 6 rainbow gobies, 3 yo yo loach , 2 sterbai corydoras, 1 rainbow shark(he’s about 2”)and 6 micro Taiwanese dragon gobies. In the past month or two that I’ve had my shiners they have been dying one by one. I would wake up and check on the tank and there would be one dead on the prefilter foam... there were 15 then 14 then 13 and now I’m down to 9. Water parameters are as follows. 20 ppm nitrates, 0 ppm nitrites, <1ppm ammonia, 20-30 ppm carbon dioxide, 75 degrees F. I have pretty hard water here in Montana. The TDS is about 147 ppm. I have an aquaclear 110 and two powerheads with a Venturi system set up to add air. So what could be killing my little guys??
  14. Yeah I was afraid of that. I want to drain the water so I can spray hydrogen peroxide right onto the affected area but that would mean draining about 20 gallons of the 29 gallon tank. I’m pretty sure a water change that significant would decimate my shrimp colony. I’ll keep applying with a pipette under water and maybe I’ll hold off the algae long enough to get the tank balanced. 🤷‍♂️
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