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  1. I had them with panda loaches and with rhinogobius and it seemed fine!!!
  2. no they are not like the stiphodons but they like hard water
  3. They are little predators! Today i fed them some live baby guppys! They can eat 1/3 of their body size! They hunt at night as well as in day light. They can tell the difference betwin me and other people! If their pray is bigger then them, they can cut it in half eat one half and remember where the other is to eat it later.They are realy smart fish!!
  4. No they are in full fresh water and a guy in my town bred them in full fresh water!! They like alkaline water!
  5. Hello to everyone! Last week i got some rhinogobius zhoui. I got a pair at my local fish store here in Germany. I feed them frozen foods bbs as well as baby endlerguppys from my massive colony! Here is a little clip with me feeding them from my instagram (@johns_aquarium)!
  6. In this topic we will try to track and record with precision the breeding of the Rhinogobius species! Fotos are very accepted!!
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