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  1. Hey all. We will be moving the beginning of July. I have a 5 gal tank with live plants and 4 types of snails. I think i've got a handle on how to move the plants (Im going to copy how Aquarium Co-Op sent them to me). Any tips on how to move the snails? How can I gather up all the smaller ones? How should I keep them happy and contained on the 5 hour drive? Should I save some of the water from the tank? Tips on re-setting up the tank? Thanks all.
  2. Well, Fun new development. This guy showed themself yesterday. I think its a ramshorn, which would make 3 different types of free snails that I have in my tank, yay? I surprised that it is this size though, since I haven't introduced anything new since April and hadn't seen it before. I seem to still only have 2 pond snails which are about 3/4" long by now. I've got a bunch of bladder snails too, but none bigger than 1/4". Some plant leaves are still a bit raggedy, using easy green so not sure the issue there.
  3. Ok, so when they were smaller people thought they were bladder snails, but now, Im not so sure. Sometimes I think the antenna look more conical, others whispy. But seems to me the shells point the opposite direction than bladders should. Of course through the glass they look lighter in color but once I get them out they look the color of bladder shells. Of course it is possible I've got both these were all free with my plant order (not aquarium co-op). 😒. I attached photos of the two largest (crunchy and speedy). I've now got a bunch of smaller ones as well. I have noticed that my plants are looking lacey and in not as good shape leading me to believe the snails may be eating the plants. Attaching photo.
  4. Sounds good. Absolutely not going for a show tank, this was a gift to my kiddo at christmas and its been a rollercoaster since then, helpers so less goes wrong sound good to me. There are currently no fish in the tank so very minimal food is happening. Eventually we will get another Betta but we are waiting a couple weeks at least.
  5. I have a 5 gal tank. I already have 5 nerites. How do I know when I’ve got too many for the tank?
  6. Well guys I think I actually may have pond snails. I had noticed some of my plant leaves were looking lacey like they had been munched. Now that Crunchy (my largest non purchased snail) is bigger I see that their antenna are more conical which I understand may mean that they are a pond snail. Its my understanding pond snails eat plants? Other than pruning/refreshing my plants for looks anything I should do about the pond snails if I want to keep them around? I've become oddly attached to the 2 biggest. Right now they seem ok with my nerite snails, generally are they happy companions? Ok help. I made the bad choice of ordering plants not from Aquarium Co—Op and now I have pest snails. I was highly confused by these new creatures since I know nerites don’t breed in fresh water. what are they? Will they harm my other snails? Tank only has plants and nerite snails now (the betta died earlier this week).
  7. Yes, I've decided on nerite snails instead for the next time. I dont think I have space for the Otocinclus (its only a 5 gal and the betta has Broken back syndrome so I dont want any chance he'll be picked on.) We have started shortening the light time, the scraper sounds like a good idea.
  8. Hi, I have 1 very inactive Betta fish. For plants I have the Java fern and yes 3 Marimo moss balls.
  9. Hey all. So I've got some green dust algae happening. Started to really pick up when my Java fern started multiplying like crazy. It was also the time we switched snails (Gary 1 died and Gary 2 came in), so who knows. Ive gone with the wait it out 3 to 4 weeks then clean. Im just about at that time, so some questions after doing a little research: 1) I know I want to go down to a low amount of water, but will going too low start me going through cycling the tank all over? Is this just a given due to the situation? 2) What to do about the gravel. Do I remove that top layer thats covered and rinse really well? 3) How Do I go about cleaning off the leaves of the java ferns? 4) Q-Tips will work well for the vents in the heater and filter right? I plan on adding more plants and some floating plants, I think the floaters will help with the high amount of light (another possible cause). Also, we need to replace the snail again*see below. Should I do all these right after cleaning? Or wait a bit? Ok, snail Question. We are now on our 2nd snail since thanksgivng. First snail, I have no idea, he was super active my numbers were good (PH varies), but I may have overdosed the easy green. This second snail was aciddentaly dropped from not very high and his shell just shattered,and he didnt move after. Both snails were from the same place and I wont be going there again, but any other ideas on how to help? Cuttlebone? Ok thanks all.
  10. Hi All. Maria, he is about 1 1/8" long in the body (not counting his tail). Not exactly sure how old he is, didn't get to pick him out myself due to Covid. He was a curbside pickup at the small fish dealer. Maggie, I have started to feed him twice a day based on your advice. Unfortunately he only seems to want to eat 2 to 3 pellets per feeding. But he may be getting a little bigger. Ryan, yes he does have a C shape to his body pretty much most of the time. Not ideal, but he's ours and we will do the best to take care of him however long he lives. Its only a 5 gal tank so we weren't planning on adding any more fish or snails. 1 of each seems to be the max amount. I'll add more plants if I want to add interest.
  11. Hey all, Im wondering if my bettas body shape is normal. He has been this way since we got him. Due to COVID we picked him up curbside from the small independent fish breeder near us. He is a Plaka (spell?). I did wonder if he was constipated and starting towards swim bladder issues so I did do a salt bath for him; he did have a large poop after and seemed more energetic but no change in body shape. Is this just him? Thanks all. Ps. We did recently have our snail die, and I reached the parenting milestone of switching out a pet and pretending nothing happened.
  12. Ryan F: Newbie question is a pre filter the same as an intake sponge? When I search both come up and I don't know if the terms are interchangable.
  13. Ok, So I did my research and picked a Topfin tank from Petsmart which all youtube videos said had a filter that would be able of variable strength. Vids said oh yeah I turn it all the way down and my Betta does great. Guess what, not a feature any more. Frustratingly the housing outside of it is still the same but there is no mechanism to regulate the strength. So my Betta is getting pushed around. I contacted the store and they said yeah, we've got one it can be switched out for, but I A) would need to go into the store and thats not happening right now and B) it will be an over the edge kind and thats not the same as what i've got. So Im looking at getting a replacement off amazon and so I'd love advice from you all on this idea, brands that have worked, sizes I should get. How slow do I want it to go down to for a Betta Ill attach some pics of what Im trying to talk about (new to filtered tanks). As another idea, could I add one of the sponges to the output spout to diffuse the strength of the current? https://www.petsmart.com/fish/starter-kits/top-fin-retreat-aquarium-5230342.html?lsft=utm_source%3Agoogle%2Cutm_term%3A5230342%2Cutm_medium%3APLA%2Cutm_content%3AGSC - Medium - Specialty - Fish - LIA Only | *Catch All%2Cutm_campaign%3AGSC - Medium - Specialty - Fish - LIA Only&utm_id=432|pg1050590301|766749893206&utm_source=google&utm_medium=PLA&gclid=CjwKCAiAuoqABhAsEiwAdSkVVFr5-9H4JprR8X7RzUAZdDlaU_A1nG_oUqluyJrAO569Gov7w83l3RoC0ysQAvD_BwE https://www.amazon.com/PULACO-Submersible-Aquariums-Hydroponics-Fountains/dp/B07YLHVZ4Q/ref=sr_1_19?crid=3RGF34COSUYH3&dchild=1&keywords=5+gallon+water+filter+aquarium&qid=1610809248&sprefix=5+gallon+water+filter%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-19
  14. Hi all! Thanks for all the great advice. Several Updates. On the 21st I picked up the water test kit and tested the water, the Ammonia and Nitrite levels were good and later that day the fish got a bit spunkier (he still may just be a kinda chill fish). Soo glad I had the test kit, cuz here's what happened next! Christmas eve I did a partial water change (1gal, tank is 5) since we had to remove some water to get the tank into its new location. Christmas morning my kiddo was soo excited about the fish and snail. About 2 hours later it was a bit TOO quiet over by the tank annnndd... She says "Im helping Im feeding my fish!" I had not put the food out of reach and the poor fish looked like one of those people in those money wind tunnels at a car dealership and the snail retreated into its shell (In my head he was saying "you people are asking too much of me to clean all this up!" Kiddo had basically fed them about 2 months of food. We vacummed a lot out with the siphon and thought it was pretty good, but by the evening the water was cloudy and when i tested both the ammonia and nitrite levels were very high. So we took a risk putting them in a punch bowl (with heater) in water that had been treated with Prime only 12 hours earlier. Well luckily it worked, we fully cleaned the tank and 20 hours later got them back into it. Phew! We now have the food locked under the tank as well as the mantra "A little, not a lot". The fish remains pretty chill and the snail gets the zoomies a couple times a day, kinda the opposite of what I expected their personailties to be. Oh also, this fishes name is Pumpernickel and the snail is Gary.
  15. Dancing Matt: We have had him about 5 days now, he was a bit more energetic the second half of yesterday. KaitieG: I am picking up a test kit today, Petsmart's prices were actually the same as Amazon for once, yeah! I had considered a starter like that, but then yeah got that "You don't need that" advice and didnt, we shall see what the numbers are. JettsPapa: Im glad to know that I can move the plants like that, I will work on getting live plants in there very soon, although I think i will need to change or add to my substrate, off to read some articles.
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