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  1. I have a "sick" ranchu. Already in a warmer hospital tank. I'm out of aquarium salt but I do have marine salt. Will that work?
  2. Finally getting some of my fish supplies organized. Shelf went up. Coop stickers added to it . . .
  3. I used the 60gallon because I got it for the cost of "come get it" and figured it was time for the larger water volume. But yes I agree, the foot print is weirdly narrow for the size if the tank.
  4. Poor anubis. My fancies ravaged 2 decent sized Amazon swords.
  5. My tanks are all fluval or finnex lights
  6. The 3 fancies just got upgraded from a 40breeder to this 60gallon. Not sure about that big thing in the middle yet. For the cost of free to me I figured I'd toss it in and see what I think about it over the next few days.
  7. Good luck with crinum calamistratum and my fancies so far. Other plant recommendations?
  8. I honestly couldn't tell you how much salt I added initially. Bought a 40lb bucket of marine salt and dumped approximately 2/3 of it into the tub. And I haven't actually checked the temp of the tub. It just kind of sits there and does it's own thing.
  9. I actually haven't feed anything. Think they are surviving on the bugs that fall in and the algae that grows
  10. Spirulina as a beginning food source. Brine shrimp eggs and live baby brine tossed in. And a small bottle ziptied to the side to hatch some eggs separately. Now it's a matter of time to see what happens.
  11. Full sun for about 5hrs a day. Rest of the day will be shaded
  12. It is officially up and running. 100 gallon tub filled with marine salt, tap water and 2 usb air pump driven airstones. . .
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