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  1. Little update.... live baby brine/tubifex worms did the trick. Now they spawn almost on command! Adding a few vibra bites when the lights went out I think helped as well. Really just a ton of food. Thank you all for the answers!
  2. I currently have two of the large coop sponge filters running in my 55 gallon community tank. Have a mix of species, guppies, panda corys, hillstream loaches, cherry shrimp, and four otos. I have a fluval HOB filter running as well that I added to clean up the water a bit. I am looking to remove the HOB filter, but I am worried about losing bacteria. It has not been running the entire time the aquarium has been setup(we are going into year 3 of the tank being up). If I remove the HOB filter am I going to crash the tank??
  3. Kind of looks like a mix of staghorn and BBA. I had to battle this for a while. Easy carbon was a temp fix and getting the tank back to balanced is what did the trick for me. I manually removed as much as I could and then dosed easy carbon everyday. Slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, it went away. Also I have noticed Amano Shrimp like to munch on it occasionally
  4. What can I do to trigger my panda corys to breed? I have had one group of 4 spawn and two babies survived. I didn't try to pull eggs or anything they were laid in some java moss. I have another trio that I can't seem to get triggered. I have tried major water changes, live baby brine everyday, and everything else I can think of. What am I missing? Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. The air line could be too long or curved that is connecting the air stone. Try shortening or straightening it that will keep bubbles from coming out of sponge. As far as big ones coming up the tube, I would say the airline connecting the air stone isn't fully connected. It has happened to me before. One of my sponge filters still has a random bubble come out of the side every now and then, but not frequently at all
  6. I didn’t know who to contact but it’s showing the Champagne Area Fish Exchange being just north of Carthage, MO. But it is actually quite a ways away in Illinois.
  7. 1ml tank water with 4ml tap water gave me same results. Tap water alone gives me 0ppm. I only treat with prime with a single dose when I do a water change
  8. Nothing in caps or tube leftover these were cleaned in hot water and dried
  9. Also my method I use a syringe and withdraw 5ml out of the tank and put it into the test tube. Add 8 drops of bottle 1 then 8 drops of bottle 2 and shake it for a few seconds. I give each bottle a shake before use as well.
  10. Api liquid test kit. The "master" kit. Never had a problem before. I never even usually test ammonia but once a month just to make sure everything is fine. I watch for symptoms from fish all the time. They're all fine. I really thought if it was 8ppm my hillstream loach would be the first to let me know
  11. Semi new here but I have two aquariums going. A 55 and a 10 both finished cycling mid December. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 30 nitrate. That is until about 2 weeks ago. No symptoms from fish whatsoever(guppies, hillstream loach, panda Cory's, ottos, danios) my ammonia readings have been so high it turns the vial blue. Ph is 8.0. Could my test kit have gone bad? My tap tests 0 ammonia so I don't feel like that's the case. Prime hasn't been introduced in a few days to control the test as much as possible. I tried 4ml of tap and 1 ml of tank water and it still turned blue. And this is from both tanks! Neither tank shows any symptoms no rotting plant material. Any tips or answer by chance? TIA
  12. I have an identical situation. My female gave birth and the next morning had clamped fin and hangs out in the corner. I'm curious to what I can do to help her. Moved back to main tank and right back to clamped fin.
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