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  1. Acoy797

    Oscar HITH

    Thanks! Ill try paracleanse again. Now that he is in a smaller tanknit should be easier to treat. I will better monitor the water conditions. I do have carbon filters but don't know of another type of filter to use
  2. Acoy797

    Oscar HITH

    There is a good sized one in the middle
  3. Acoy797

    Oscar HITH

    Also, the smaller specs of white aren't on him, those are bubbles from the freshly changed tank water
  4. Acoy797

    Oscar HITH

    I dont know my water parameters, but if I'm being honest with myself they probably aren't the best. The waste the pleco produces is a lot so I try to use water conditioners to help with ammonia. The white flecks on his side are new, they just appeared this morning leading me to think this is damage from possibly getting in a tussle with the pleco, as plecos have sharp barbs on their sides. He is currently cranky at being put in a smaller tank, but honestly his attitude is pretty normal for how sick he looks. Still loves to eat!
  5. Ich -x worked miracles on my tank. My green severum was in such rough shape I thought he would die. Now he is as healthy as a horse, though you should also treat for fin rot. Check if your tank is over crowded byresearcging the minimum tank size of each fish. Over crowded tanks can cause stress, which is the leading cause of ich. Treat your tanks as if ich is always present, as it probably always is. If you use salt, make sure it is compatible with the fish type you have in your tank. Lastly.l, separate any fish that may be fighting, really monitor your tank closely for signs of fighting. AQUARIUM co-op actually has a great video on YouTube about how to treat ich
  6. Acoy797

    Oscar HITH

    I have had my Oscar for about 6 months now. He started off in a 20 gal as a baby with a severum but they started fighting and came down with a bad case of ICH. I separated them and treated and they were fine. I finally got my hands on a 55 gal but it also came with a 12 inch pleco. I put my Oscar in and he is now about 8 inches. I know I need to upgrade to bare minimum of 75 gal, but saving up money for that. In the meantime, my Oscar had a small hole in his head so I immediately started treating with maracyn and paracleanse and did 50% weekly water changes. He isn't getting better, in fact it has gotten worse in the last two months since I first noticed it. I think he and my pleco do not get along, as sometimes I will hear splashing from the other room. I have Fatty (my oscars name) now quarantined in a 10 gal so I can start a more targeted treatment, but I'm not sure what specific medicine I should be giving him. I am also looking and possibly rehoming his as I dont think I can put him back with the pleco without this reoccurring. Please help!!!
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