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  1. Had 2 Fluval fine sponges in my 38g. And i hate them. There now in the garbage. Why ? Because the lil A holes would clog up atleast once a week. Even after rinsing and rinsing them out they still would clog up after a few days. Replace them with coarse sponges from Coop. And I've yet to have any issues.
  2. I bought 4 otos back March. 1 died and 1 gave me oto fry. Since she's had the fry. I don't see her or the original males as much. But the fry aint fry now and every morning they school in front of the glass. Cool to see. Im not sure how many I have. There was over 40 oto fry. But I see over 20 now but who knows. They hide very well.
  3. Would appreciate any advice. Yesterday morning I was getting ready to feed the fish and noticed a guppy fry. I quickly remove the other 5 guppies and while scooping one out . The last one was able to catch and eat a fry. πŸ˜” So I don't know when she started to have fry. I count 3 and 1 was eaten that I know of. Its been 24hrs and still 3 fry behind the wall of plants and decorations. Hoping the mom won't eat them. Question is how long should i leave her in the fry tank? I'm a newbie to this fry stuff. (First two pics, thats poop not a 🐟)
  4. In my 10g im also using the l.e.d. light it came with. I have Java fern, water sprite, a couple of Banana plants and Anubias. Growing just fine with dose of Easy Green every week. Usually after a water change. I had moss in there as well, grew just fine. But moved the moss out to my 36g.
  5. I'm using this at the moment. Guppies definitely have gotten more active and added color back. Been gravel vacuuming every other day.
  6. I refresh the page a couple of times thinking I was hallucinating. But yes the Coop had them. I have my confirmation of purchase. Must of sold out fast.
  7. Congrats. Im kinda hooked to Aquarium Co op online shopping lol. Ordered twice on the same day. I know im paying double for shipping. But someone put pink crypts up for sale and I've been waiting for months. So I had to make another order πŸ˜‚.
  8. Cucumbers, Zucchini, and Green beans. I have Repashy soilent green as well but they don't touch it. But I tried the Repashy Super Green and they eat it up.
  9. My Otos swim to super green slices as soon as it touches the water. Solvent green i haven't had much luck. Only the snails eat it.
  10. Bought a few of these that I keep around just incase of power outages. Along with some usb nano air pumps.
  11. I'm dealing with snail overload myself. I've added assassin snails but only added 4. Bought 4 more and decided to help by putting pieces of cucumber on a suction cup and snails love it. So i give it a couple hours. Pull out the cucumber with snails on it and give it to my neighbor who has a tank full of clown loaches. I put about 4 pieces in last night and counted about 40 snails on the cucumber slices.
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