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  1. You'll likely be fine. I turn off my canister when I feed BBS. A month or 2 ago I forgot to turn it back on and didn't notice untill the following evening. I plugged it back in and never noticed a difference.
  2. Looks like a rebranded Sun-Sun. Ive had mine up and running for 4-5 years with no issues. Upgrade depends on what your filtration goals are. AC 50 or 70 is a lot of filtration for a 29G, the canister even moreso. Your post history indicates that you've been having issues with nitrates, a canister won't solve that. Adding a plant like Pothos will.
  3. @Keeg local pick up is unfortunately not an option. A couple of not so great pco's are my only local option and nearest LFS is 200 miles away. Live foods are not a problem, I have vinegar eels cultures, brine shrimp and just started a infusoria culture.
  4. Did you see the worm move? Inspect the anal opening for small red spots. If the infection isn't severe they can be hard to see. After years of having "live-bearer diesese" I never saw a single worm untill I treated with Levamisole from Select Aquatics. With that said I had scares where I saw a red poop thinking it was a camallanus worm only to realize the krill flake and tetra color granules I had been feeding were red in color.
  5. I plan on ordering some Scarlet Badis very soon. However seems as if I can only order 1 or 5 at a time. I'm setting up a 10 gallon with a sponge filter and guppy grass to start. I also plan on QT with white clouds. Nerms out there that have kept Scarlet Badis, what was your experience?
  6. I wish we had a better LFS. If you ever need anything let me know. I've got Guppy Grass, Narrow Leaf Anacharis, Dwarf Water Lettuce, Java Moss, Vinegar Eel cultures, Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Bladder Snails.
  7. I've had beamswork and nicrew and found the Nicrew to be much better. Smaller profile, better light output and color.
  8. @UnbracingWhat part if S. Texas? I'm in Laredo.
  9. I've had several stop working. Sometimes it just takes a really good shake to get it running again.
  10. I had a similar issue when didn't hear the hatchery. I had to extend the hatch to 36-48 hours to get a decent hatch rate. I picked up heater mentioned In this thread, and now have good hatches in 24 hours. I set the temp to 80 and put the heater right in the top.
  11. Scarlet Badis is on my will own someday list. They are exclusively micro predators and rarely eat prepared foods. You may want to start culturing infusoria and vinegar eels to help diversify his diet.
  12. Paper coffee filters work as sieves, as well as the reusable k-cup replacements with the fine stainless steel mesh. The smallest of brine shrimp get through the mesh and the drain speed is slow so I find the paper filters work better.
  13. Greg Sage Tour Goliad Farms Tour No heater Nitrogen cycle Anything with Dean.
  14. Probably infusoria, commonly cultured from decaying plant matter. With out fish to predate on them the population took off.
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