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    I'm just really getting started in plants.  I received 2 penny wort last week that I think got too hot in shipment and were in and shape when I opened them.  I put them in the tank in their pots cause they were so bad and I think they are dying nor at least they keep losing their stems and leaves and are down to nothing pretty much.  I have 10 corydoras and guppies which are having fry like crazy so I don't know exactly how many are in there.  I would guess at least 20.  The lights are what came with the tank.  I fed once a day but different foods each day.  I have a hang on the back filter and Undergravel filter with 2 power heads and 2 air stones.  My water here is hard.  All the other readings are good just the nitrates.  Hope I answered your questions.  


  2. I have a 55 gal fish tank and I do a 60% water change every 2 weeks.  My nitrates at the water change is usually 20ppm then is usually 40ppm before the water change with adding no fertilizer.  Do I or should I add fertilizer?  I did this time and its only been a week since my water change and the nitrates are almost 80ppm.

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