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  1. Thank you very much everyone. All of the tanks are absolutely awesome. It's impossible to pick a favorite one but the 29 gal from @Isaac M has the kind of density I'm looking for. All of the replies were very encouraging, thank you 🙂👍
  2. Hello everybody! I've been a pressurised CO2 user ever since I picked up the hobby. Lately, I've been playing with the idea of setting up a highly dense low tech jungle style aquarium. The idea of not having to trim loads of plants during every maintenance is very appealing. 🙂 With my high tech, I can clearly tell when the plant mass is too much for the available amount of CO2 and it's time to trim or up the injection rate. Obviously, with low tech I wouldn't be able to adjust the rate. My question is - given enough surface agitation and decent flow, how dense can a low tech be? Please feel free to share your jungle pictures with me. Let's make this a competition. I'm going on holiday for a week but when I'm back, I'll pick my favourite picture. The winner will win bragging rights, everyone else will win my gratitude for participation. Thank you!
  3. You need to get a dual stage regulator, they are end of bottle dump proof.
  4. Thanks everyone, I'm glad to be here. 🙂
  5. The stem on the hygrophila looks like it was grown emersed. It'll die back no matter what. New growth is what's important. If everything keeps dying in couple of weeks, I'd suspect light. It's either too much or too little (intensity and/or duration).
  6. Hello everybody, My name is Emil. I'm originally from Czech Republic. I've been keeping fish since I was a little boy. As a teenager, I used to work in my sisters pet shop and the aquarium section was my favourite. I had a big break from the hobby when I was at uni and after I moved to England. Got into it again a little over two years ago, Aquarium Co-Op videos have been incredibly helpful during my research. It's only recently that I've become a member, I'm sorry it took me so long... 🙂 Been postponing it forever. I'm currently running only one 90L (20 gal) fish tank but I'm going to set up a tiny 20L cube in my home office. I'm an android developer and it would be nice to have a companion and something other than the computer screen to look at. Maybe a pea puffer. If I manage to train the little guy how to be sassy, it can help with my work - go to some meetings for me. Despite not being the most talkative guy, I hope I'll be at least semi-active in the community and find new friends 🙂 ^^ most recent photo of my tank
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