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  1. @lefty oI actually reached out to them just before posting this. Ended up with some saltwater equipment that I don't need from buying tanks on Craigslist. Hoping they will trade for some store credit. Waiting to hear back.
  2. First, yes I know I can buy it from the COOP, but I have many tanks and don't want to buy it 1 lb at a time. Cory still gets plenty of my money, don't worry. I'm looking for something I can buy in like 40lb bags. I've seen options online at Petco and other big box stores, but the bags all say "extra this" and "fortified that" so I'm a bit gun shy on putting large amounts in my aquariums. I have fairly hard water, but low PH, about 6.4ish. I'm trying to raise PH and just add some overall buffing capacity to the tanks. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.
  3. I always go with the smell test, no smell good to go. But if you aren't in a rush, I would give it up to a week as some folks have thicker beads of silicone than others. Never hurts to give it an extra day or two when the alternative is resealing!
  4. Implemented a lot of these suggestions, thank you. @Sapere_Ceta that fork suggestion was a game changer!
  5. Want to make sure I have all my bases covered. I have what looks like hair algae that is starting to cover the bottom 4 inches or so of the tank. I've had about 5 amano shrimp and 2 SAE in the tank for about 3 months now. About a month ago I stopped easy green and cut light back to about 7 hours a day. This was a bare bottom tank for a couple years before I converted it over to a planted tank about 8 months ago. Am I missing anything? I try to manually remove as much as I can when I gravel vac, but seems I can never get it all. Any suggestions/input would be great. Thanks!
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