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  1. @JuanchoIf you're able to remove the eggs that with fungus on them that would be the best thing. You could use something like a pipette or turkey baster to suck them out.
  2. Hey, The easiest thing is always to keep them in the cave. In my experience you can pull the fry out once they no longer have their yolk sack and move them to another tank without any issue. You could pull them with the yolk sack but they are much more fragile at that stage. You can look online at how people wash out the fry from the cave by using a small bucket outside of the tank. It's important that the tank that you transfer them to has lots of food for them. A piece of driftwood from an established tank has lots of tiny foods for them to much on.
  3. I think the best approach might be to deal with the issues one at a time. If I were you I'd take care of your ammonia problem first and then continue dosing general cure. You'll probably notice your fish get a bit better once that ammonia is gone. I'm not sure what will happen with general cure of you double dose prime. Someone else will probably be able to help you with that. I live in Canada too so I know how hard it is to get general cure so you don't want to waste it.
  4. You could use a desk lamp. That's what I have used for a couple of years and it works great. I use 40w bulbs and it keeps the water nice and warm.
  5. Could you post a video of what you mean? When you turn the air off many of the brine shrimp will settle at the bottom- this makes it easy to harvest them. Are they unhatched eggs or are you saying that you have hatched but dead brine shrimp?
  6. Hi Marley! @Fish Folk has certainly given you a lot of great advice! I've been breeding rams for a few years now and I almost always pull the eggs/fry out for this very reason. The males can get quite aggressive protecting the fry from the female. It can be a nice experience to see the pair raise up the fry together but the aggression isn't worth it in my opinion. This might be a good time to pull the fry out. If you're set on leaving them all in the tank together I would make sure that you leave some kind of small light on in the room over night so that the male can still see the female. I've had males relentlessly attack females when the lights turned on in the morning- it almost seems that they forget that the other fish was there. Great job getting the fry to this point with the parents! As @Fish Folk said it's not the norm for GBRs to be great parents. Good luck!
  7. Great looking rams! Males chasing females can be part of normal behavior. Or it could be a that you have 2 males that aren't getting along. Do you notice them hanging around close by each other? This could be another sign that they are a male female. Do you have a picture of the smaller one from the side? I can't tell from the shot you posted. Females are usually smaller, have a pinkish belly and as they get ready to breed you will see them become a little more plump.
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