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  1. So I was hoping to add some bottom feeder fish to this tank but I used eco complete. I know most need sand and read coarse substrate can hurt them. I also will have a single blue ram in the tank and didn’t know if that would be an issue. I was hoping for at least a bristle nose pleco or two. I plan to add a lot more plants I have some trimmings from my other tank in there at the moment.
  2. Ok thanks, he’s going to be going into a 55 gallon with warmer water once it’s cycled. It should hopefully be with a week or so. Hopefully he can deal with the cooler water at moment. Ok, thanks I figured it was probably that, was just making sure.
  3. Hello, so I just got this guy the other day and he has not ate really anything. My Ammonia and nitrites are 0. I haven’t checked the nitrates but all my plants do to good of a job soaking those up. Tanks 78 degrees he has 10 neons, 3 endlers, 3 fancy guppies as tank mates in a 20 gallon planted. Also cherry shrimp and snails. I was wondering if I should buy some Vibra bites. I’ve tried xtreme nano pellets, Krill flakes and fluval bug bites but he’s not interested in any of them at least so far. Do you think I should just wait and see if he’s still getting his bearings or should I get some vibra bites? I know frozen food but was hoping to get used to dry food first instead of him just eating the most expensive stuff out there.
  4. https://youtu.be/V4xTaf8zxqM I was wonder how often I should add flourish. I actually just added to Scarlet temple and they are looking a little week from shipping. I put some flourish in the tank last night and didn’t know when I should add some more. I haven’t found much help on google either. Thanks in advance. Btw 10 neons, 4 guppy’s, 19 cherry shrimp and 1 mystery snail. (Also a ton of bladder snails)
  5. I’m getting a Betta tomorrow and wondering if I could feed him xtreme krill flakes? I also have fluval bug bites I was planing on feeding him. I can purchase betta food if need be I was just wondering if this would be good for him or not since read they need a very high protein high diet.
  6. Here is another video which is a little longer.
  7. I have a 20 gallon with quite a few plants, hob and sponge filter. There is 1 male Dalmatian Molly, 1 female Dalmatian molly, 3 female gold dust mollies, 7 cherry shrimp, 1 mystery snail and some pest snails. All the Mollies are short fin and should only get a few inches supposedly, compared to sail fin which get 4 or more. I was thinking about maybe adding 3 male endlers. Do you think I would be ok or should I just wait and see how big my mollies get?
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