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  1. They grew like weeds! The one that is more food motivated looks like a blimp, haven't figured out how to feed without him going hog. He went from about 2.5" to 4", the other is about 3.5". They love to swim through the bubble bar I have. I'd love to have the larger tank for community fish, but they're quite the characters.
  2. You guys are freaking geniuses! I'm gonna probably go for the plastic canvas. Eons ago I used to craft with that stuff and you used to be able to buy in colors. If I can find green it'd be perfect. I looked at the window screen, but was afraid it was too small of openings for it to grow through. Thank you so much for all the advice. When I finally do it, I'll be sure to post a pic!
  3. I think that twisted one is a wizards staff!! Awesome!
  4. I have some kind of moss that must have come in on a plant. It has gone insane over the past year and I want to create a background in one of my tanks with it. I know you can sandwich it between 2 sheets of mesh, but honestly I don't know what kind that would be used? On Amazon I found stainless steel mesh sheets, but how large should the webs be? I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks
  5. One of my Green spotted puffer will bite if you don't watch out. How about red or green terrors?
  6. I was going to adopt 3 pea puffers from a friend and bought the tank, the stand and upgraded fluval clear hob filter, paid full price for all because it was a dream tank for me. She brought the pea puffers over after I had it fully cycled and, man they're a lot bigger than I had seen, but they were 3 years old right? Well they ended up being 2 green spotted puffers that required a 55 gallon. Husband wasn't thrilled, but you adopt an animal you have to properly care for them. Just looked back at the pic of the couple weeks they were in that tank and it's been my favorite. As it was just my second tank, it needed more of the cholla.
  7. Also, be sure to feel for any sharp edges on the dragonstone for your bettas safety. It's a beauty.
  8. I was listening to Cory's latest live chat video and someone asked about a 2 inch red worm that looks like an earthworm. Sounds like my worms right? He said it sounded like Detritus worms and were beneficial. I appreciate the video rec, gonna go check that out now!
  9. I have a 15 gallon tank that st one point had 10 male guppies and endlers. Slowly over the year and a half they all died off except for 1 little blue endler. Over time I have added 5 false julli cory Dora's who all seem to be doing great. I reently added 6 green neon and a dwarf Honey Gurami (blame Irene's video) and did a water change the day after I got them and noticed a couple of these red worms on the glass inside the aquarium. They were approximately 2 inches long and went down and burrowed in the sand. Is this something that needs to be eradicated? Are they harmful to my fish? At one time I had at least 30 red cherry shrimp that slowly disappeared, I figured the snails were part of the problem. I do have a TON of snails, I feed to my puffer, incase that info helps. I'm freaking out as I have an irrational worm phobia and am freaking out about sticking my hand in there. Thank you for any info you may have. Amiee
  10. Good day! I am curious, currently use the Tetra test strip, but will be changing to the Coops once I'm in need. My question is, does the Coops turn the same color as the Tetras? The color key on my bottle got wet and the page got stuck together. I know the Coops comes with a laminated result color key, so would like to be able to use if the tests turn the same colors. Thanks for anyone's help!
  11. Surely looks like ick to me. Sending out fishy prayers for your tank.😇
  12. Getting a better look, it looks like wen on a goldfish. Is that even possible? He still is swimming around, eating and pooping fine. I still fear everytime I go to turn on the light or feed the tank he will have passed. I appreciate everyone who has read and replied.
  13. I have an endler who started changing colors, 2 orange spots on one side of his body. He is about 6 months old and 1st time I've kept them, so figured it was maturing. This began 3 weeks ago. Spots grew in diameter and I couldn't tell if they were swelling, but husband didn't think they were. Now they have gotten bumpy and swollen. He has continued eating and swimming normally. I moved him to a tank by himself (planted with tons of snails & red cherry shrimp) as another endler was nipping at one of the spots. The spots do not look to be open sores. Anyone experience this before? He just won't stay still for picks. Nitrites- 10 Nitrates-0 Chlorine-0 Water tests Very Hard kh-40-60 ph-7.3 Any help is appreciated!
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