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  1. Thanks for replying. The total light period is about 11.5 hours. The lights ramp for about 1.5 hours in the morning then on for about 8 hours then ramp down in 1.5 with 30 mins of blue before off. I have tried a few different settings with the lights and it doesn't seem to help. I think I had it around 9 hours total with same ramp times when I first planted it. I'll try lowering it. Thanks again
  2. Hi all. A little back story. 125 gallon I have had the tank set up for 4 years. The tank was bare bottom for most of that time. Then early September I decided to plant the tank. I used fluval stratum and planted with a decent amount of plants. I used easy root tabs an easy green. I dose the easy green at about 2.5ml a day along with 20ml of excel. I waited about a week after planting before dosing. Started to get a diatom bloom which I kind of expected as the substrate cycled. Then the cyanobacteria kicked in pretty hard. I cleaned it of the plants the best I could but most of the plants died off. The cyanobacteria was brutal so I used maracyn. I removed as much as I could before dosing 60 grams over 10 days. I thought I got it but it seems to be creeping back. It was always brown and still is on the substrate but now the plants have green algae all over. It comes off of the leaves like the cyanobacteria did but looks different. Any ideas if I have another type of algae as well as the cyano. Softer water, ph 6.7-7.5 I have a pretty good curve every day that starts to rise when the light comes on and drops when they go off. I Got a Co2 system from Santa so that should change as there isn't enough Co2 now. Nitrates usually around 30-40. I have 4 36" fluval 3.0 lights. With a 12 hour light period including night cycle. I told myself I should have added the substrate and waited a month for it to settle down but I could not wait. Any info would help and be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jay
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