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  1. Yeah I kinda tried everything but my plants are really lacking in iron and magnesium, I tried root tabs but it's expensive and too concentrated in one stop. I also wanna change my scape...
  2. Nah bcz I live in France but I tried jbl and tetra one but it's expensive and not very efficient in long term
  3. Sup, I have a 100 liter fully planted but the substrate is manado, a neutral substrate and the plants do not feel that well after a year. I was thinking about changing the substrate but the thing is that I already have a established population of fish. So which substrate should I go for? I tried to dodge the nitrate rise of a nutrient rich substrate. Thanksss
  4. Hey i'm a young french aquarist and i follow religiously the aquarium co op videos.I have a tank (20 gallons) and i have a few fish inside (20 neon tetra,6 otocinclus and some wild shrimps.I wonder if i can get a wood shrimp? will it over stock my tank and if they need to be kept in group ? thanks for reading Gabriel
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