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  1. Yes I will Check about treating with plants. Another panda garra died. Down to one. ugh! I am Sooooo bummed.
  2. @Colu thank you for your reply and recipe. I found it at Select Aquatics out of Erie, CO. I am going to treat both my tanks the 55 and the 75! Is it safe for corydoras and plecos?
  3. I can't figure out why the fish are dying? one at a time- every week or two lately. I have platys (7 now) (all were born in my tanks) and down to 3 mollies (also born in the tanks) ; had 3 panda garras for 18 months and one disappeared/died this week. Also lost a platy this week. I have a couple other platy that were too young and small and want to put back in the tank. I had corydoras in this tank too but they did not live long - some people have suggested I did not vacuum enough and the black sand substrate which is on top of the seachem red substrate had too much mulm. so I pulled out the last remaining bronze cory and put him in my bigger tank with the new/larger bronze cory- he did not live either. I think that fish bought at LFS are usually in RO water and even though I slow drip acclimate them - they don't do well in my hard tap water. Whereas the fish that come from LFS and are in Tap water are able to do well in my hard tap water. yes, I use seachem prime to dechlorinate and stability if ammonia suddenly spikes. Meanwhile, the platys and other mollies and now panda garra have died, sometimes it looks the platy have wasting disease. My theory is that when the panda garra ate a dead sick one (I saw one munching down on a platy a couple weeks ago), they too will get the disease and die. Is this plausible? I just did a water change and noticed a bunch of little empty snail shells on the bottom too. Tank parameters are 78 degrees, pH is 8.2, zero ammonia, zero nitrites, nitrates have been staying under 30 ppm....I do water changes now about every two weeks. I use API Master kit to test. there is a free floating java moss and a blob of algae on the top of the water too.
  4. ALL for not - he died. keeping last remaining one in white sand tank.
  5. I picked up by hand a bunch of gravel yesterday morning. then I bought new Black Sand and sprinkled it on top so there is a "Blanket" of sand, The poor little cory is in hospital tank. Switching him into better hospital tank today . Is there a medication to help his barbels grow back? other than aquarium salt? OR should I put the cory in my 18 gal tank with the Panda Garras. THey are in white sand substrate. it is my quarantine tank for new fish. The panda Garras are about to be put in with the larger tank 55 gal. they have been there over a month and the parameters are good.. zero ammonia, zero nitrites....nitrates fluctuate between 20 and 40....w/c every other week to maintain .
  6. another one is not moving much.. can't tell if his whiskers are off; put in hospital tank which has static heater, air stone, crappy filter so I pulled it out. put in sponge with bacteria on it.....a tablespoon of salt for the 3 gal. will see if he lives thru the night. not looking good. too bad no one else has commented....
  7. THe tank has lots of plants...though they still have lots of room to grow. There were about 40 mollies and platys when I stocked it but I did not add the corys til 4 or 5 weeks after I added them. (I think) only two of the fish are full grown though a most were born this summer. My 75 gallon tank that I set up in March and did not get cycled til 6 weeks after, so they were born June July. then I put them in the 18 gallon tank and then they got too big and too many for that so I finally pulled the trigger on the 55 gallon. I attached photos - java fern sprouts are growing on the rocks. plus swords, anubias, the valliseria is expanding in the back of the tank. java moss on the bonsai tree...that took off quickly. the only fish in this tank that came from Petsmart is the large male platy. I have some zebra danios and neon tetras in the 75 gall that also came from petsmart. the two LFS nearest my house have never had fish that live long. even the ones when I knew how to take care of the tank. that's why I was so excited to try DDs fish & pets. I have lost one platy and two mollies. one mollie was my main Male that I had for 4 yrs...he was the biggest and when he initially got a swollen belly It was hard to see. anyway I pay attention as much as possible cuz I have done enough dumb things...
  8. A local fish store that came highly recommended. DD Fish & Pets in Santa Ana, CA. their fish look healthy. tanks are clean. the two guys I have met are very knowledgeable. this was first batch of fish I bought from them. plus I got the panda garras a month or so later. I am feeding them the small sinking pellets New Life Spectrum THERA+A nonmedicated plus garlic. plus they eat the dry flakes and junk on the floor.
  9. Please advise as I bought 8 panda cory catfish and I quarantined for 4 weeks in a tank with white sand. I did the trio of meds recommended by A/C. I moved them into my 55 gallon tank. it was relatively new (like 2 months into nitrogen cycle). one died and I checked parameter and ammonia was a little high like .25ppm. so I kept vigilant and tested and fixed the problem. ammonia only once went to 1.0ppm. Well as of yesterday, 6 have died. I can not figure out why. I lost a couple platy along the way to maybe bloat. one had whirling disease so I thought maybe a parasite. I fed the whole tank with a parasite food for 3 days as recommended on the label. The only thing I have tried to adjust without success is my water temp. it is at 78 degrees. My eheim heater is now set at 75 degrees, yet the actual temp goes back to 78 even after a 30% water change. I did do a w/c last night. parameters have been steady at zero ammonia, zero nitrites and about 30-40ppm nitrates. I am down to TWO. also some of my fluval stratum substrate was above the black sand and I noticed all the dead corys were at that end of the tank. Last night, I scooped up some sand to redistribute it and cover the gravel. I will get more sand to make it a blanket of sand.. Meanwhile I have 3 panda garras quarantining (did the trio on them too) in the white sand tank that I wanted to put in the 55 gal (to help with algae) but I am afraid to put them in the 55 gal. the 55 gal has lots of platys and mollies, nerites and little snails. all friendly...and 4 little platy fry born in the last week. (so tiny I put in a mesh breeder box). I am obsessed with this problem so please please give me advice.
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