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  1. Thank you all for the judgement free advice, and great Intel. Those are amazing videos and I actually feel like a knucklehead. I have been doing it wrong for so long. Watched so many of your videos and I never seen those. You've given me so much to think about and I greatly appreciate everything more than you know. Learn so much from all of you. I'm really glad I asked the question. Thank you
  2. Picked up a python squeeze siphon starter for 5 bucks, it's awesome. Came with a adaptor for smaller tube diameters and the other side a one-way floating ball valve, closed when pumped and opens to dispose into the bucket. Works great, easy cheap solution to putting your mouth on the tube end. Definitely worth a couple bucks if your looking at them undecided.
  3. Thanks 👍 figured it happens to everyone and maybe I'm worrying for no reason. I was concerned and spent couple days looking for Intel online but was very limited. Thanks for easing my mind.
  4. Everything I read online says that's it's rare and possible to contract an illness or parasite from infected water. Do you guys wear gloves while maintaining your tanks or ever heard of anyone picking up a parasite? I haven't gave it much thought until I accidently ingested some starting a syphon. It might seem like a silly question but, am I worried for no reason? Is it pretty easy to mess up and get yourself sick? This happened before, probably should pick up a syphon starter. Just wanted to run it by all of you and see if I should be concerned. I'm aware of cross contamination amongst tanks and equipment and take measures to avoid problems. This time it caught me slipping. I couldn't find much on cross contamination to humans.
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