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  1. They make tablets you can just drop in to get co2 up in your water. That is what I'm currently doing and seems to work good just go slow with any process. Don't get me wrong the co2 pumped in is still pretty neat just can be costly. Good luck
  2. I added 8 greens to my tank with 6 guppies, 12 endlers, 6 kuhli, 1 betta, 8 coreys, shrimp and snails. They seem happy but they like too hang out in the back schooling together but as the lights dim they are active all over the tank. My tank setup is 65 gallon decently planted kept at 78 7ph 20 pmm co2 and pretty much 0 for the big 3. Hope this helps.
  3. Do either of you keep them in a community tank or a tank to themselves? I have always thought they were cute and interesting. I have a 65 gallon with 5 guppies, 10 tetra, 12 endlers and a clean up crew(it looks empty even with all of the fish out lol). I have drift wood and plenty of plants for hiding. Also a bunch of "pest" I was thinking about adding a pair my LFS had had for a while but didn't want to if they would be unhappy or they would bother the other fish to much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am wondering if there is a fertilizer that can replenish all nutrients for fish, plants and shrimp that I could use so that I can just top off water as long as the nitrate cycle is good? Not trying to be lazy I just want to try and get a tank to be balanced with little water changes as possible. I currently have enough plants that I barely have to change water because of ammonia or nitrate but I keep changing because of a worry of nutrient deficiency. I didn't know if the aqurium co-op ferts could do this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks look forward to doing my part in this hobby
  6. I am wondering if SAPs will kill snails for fun or just to eat. I have heard with pea puffers will eat their fill then kill every snail in the tank for sport. Is this true and does the South american puffer do the same? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have heard them referred to pest snails. I had a couple hitch hikers a month ago now I have 30 plus. I do admit to over feeding because I'm still adding fish. So I would just say careful.
  8. Better if you have good places to hide like guppy grass or something.
  9. Kuhlis do no matter the brightness but the corys seem to wait for the light to drop down a bit and the plecos like to keep me guessing. Im going to try the siesta style and have an hour almost dark during the day to help encourage them out. I was hoping any of the fish would at least eat the snail eggs but haven't seen it yet. But in thinking assassin snail probably be the easiest just would love to find one close not sure why but seem a bit harder to find right now where I am at but we only have 2 local stores and box stores. So I'll keep my eyes looking. Thank you.
  10. I am currently over feeding im sure and I need to do better job at it. My problem is how much of each kind of food to feed in a diverse tank? The tank has 1 betta, 12 endlers, 3 fancy guppies, above all are males, 6 green tetras, 8 leopard corys, 3 otos, 2 plecos, 6 kuhlis not sure how many cherry shrimp, 3 rams horn and a nasty mess of snails. I feed floating pellets for the first 4 then a mix of sinking pellets with protein and algae wafers for the "bottom guys" plus there is plenty drift wood. I try and spread the feeding just a bit staring with pellets to see how much gets left on the bottom then add the 2 that sink. How long should I wait before vacuuming out left overs and and adding fresh food? I usually feed twice a day. Some mornings it looks like everything is cleaned up then other times like they did not eat much. How long until the food goes bad once it is in the water? My second question is with out doing chemicals and knowing my fish type from above what are suggestions to deal with the snail boom. Here are the options im thinking about 1. Couple assassin snails. 2. Amazon puffer in current tank. 3. New 10 gallon that I already have and just move a few they each day (probably my last favorite because as cute as pea puffers are starting a second tank this early sounds unwise) . 4. Just trap then and throw them away but this seems wasteful when they are such a good food for so many things. Thanks for any input.
  11. Hi all new to the hobby(tank has been up for just over 3 months) and new to the forum. Been watching youtube co-op for a while. I have a 65 gallon freshwater heated to 78 degrees also live plants not sure what is there, should have paid attention when the wife was picking the ones she liked. Bottom is plant substrate under aqurium gravel with some sand in spots. The tank has some drift wood and rock. The back is clear with gray wall behind it and it has a 36 inch aquasky 2.0 led. I have a smaller canister filter , small sponge filter and small power head. Currently there are 1 betta, 12 endlers, 3 fancy guppies, above all are males, 8 leopard corys, 6 green tetra, 3 otos, 2 plecos, 6 kuhlis(these are probably a bit out of place but I love them and hope they are not over stressed they seem good) , not sure how many cherry shrimp, 3 rams horn and a mess of snails. Snails are do to last couple plants I bought and lack of paying attention/cleaning them well before adding to the tank. Look forward to being an active part of this forum and asking what im sure will be silly questions(already have a few lol). Sorry for the run on but wanted to be more detail then hey I got a tank with stuff and fish. Thanks to all in advance.
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