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  1. Thanks Katherine ,I already used the tread since yesterday and they spent their first night submersed ,that's weird the roots can be exposed.
  2. Just purchased these plants ,read that I should use thread to tie to structure.Should I put roots under bottom gravel,or is it ok for the roots just to be tied to the old sea shell and above bottom gravel base?
  3. I have the 400 series of the fluval,nice filter,very pleased
  4. Thank you mine 2 with the shrimp thing,,,,,
  5. I have a canister filter, was wondering the procedure on how often the bio pellets should be changed? Thank you
  6. Thanks again FW,,,,I thought the same thing ,very aggressive though.Wanted to make sure it was not detrimental to my critters.dt
  7. Thanks flumpweesel here's a pick ,I pulled some out.
  8. Hey all,I have had this new clinging ground plant show up in the last couple of weeks.Claws along and grows over rocks and wood.Not sure if its some kind of algae or plant .But it does seem aggressive.Dark green color ,appreciate the help. dt
  9. Ive been into my 30 gal planted tank for a year now,started with 3 cory's down to 2,,,,,,,had 2 butterfly peco's? down to 1 should I add more with this size tank,,,,,my neons around 8 have done well and fire shrimp,,,,,,,,,,or should I just maintain what I have ? thank you dave
  10. Thankyou GS. I have a co-op one, going on a year; never cleaned it .Cannister filter gets cleaned maybe month and a half. Water changes regular.........I guess Ill clean it,,,,,wonder when you should buy a new one?
  11. How often should I clean my sponge filter?
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