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  1. Ive been into my 30 gal planted tank for a year now,started with 3 cory's down to 2,,,,,,,had 2 butterfly peco's? down to 1 should I add more with this size tank,,,,,my neons around 8 have done well and fire shrimp,,,,,,,,,,or should I just maintain what I have ? thank you dave
  2. Thankyou GS. I have a co-op one, going on a year; never cleaned it .Cannister filter gets cleaned maybe month and a half. Water changes regular.........I guess Ill clean it,,,,,wonder when you should buy a new one?
  3. How often should I clean my sponge filter?
  4. Seachem Prime Water Conditioner,,,this is so concentrated Im not sure how much to add to 5 gal water change
  5. Well it died ,must have been ill from transport ,my other 3 are doing great.
  6. ok really looking at that 1 Cory,,,,very white ,and might be blind. Albino?
  7. I have 4 Corys,and the three are super active and eating well,along with 12 neon tetras,2 glass suckers,red fire shrimp,,,,everything seams to be doing well,plants included.Just that sedated little cory,not sure,,,,,,,,,he is not co -mingling
  8. Hey bought 4 dory's.one of them seems to hide and stay to himself,,,,,the others full of energy,,,,,,,had them in the tank over a month now
  9. I just started my tank,29 gal.Ordered some plants ,,,,,that came with 2 snails that i see.Should I be alarmed ,so they dont breed in abundance.Might seam like a dumb ? But figured i ask thankyou
  10. swords ,crypts ,sanitaria, octopus.....sorta beginner stuff. Root tabs instructions are to add every three months ,where as easy green says to add 3 squirts every week. No on the algae.And I will ck my nitrates.....No fish in tank, been up and running since Nov.
  11. new to plants ,been adding easy green....added more plants this week, also root tabs. Should I continue adding easy green once a week or an I over feeding? thanks dave
  12. I have a 30 gal tank ,gravel filter ,with air returns on each end of tank,,,,,also bio air sponge in center of tank,,,,,,,got a great deal on a 4x Fluval canister,so I went with it (large for tank).My ? is do I have too much water flow with for size of tank? Hope all this makes since.Thankyou Dave
  13. Well I removed them (plastic containers) feel pretty stupid ,,,,I did not find the plant write up ,on the site until you all gave me the heads up.Thank you
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