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  1. I have just read you can use ich x to treat fungal infections
  2. That sound like a secondary fungal infection try API fungal cure
  3. Do not put glue on rhizome only on roots
  4. Number of fish you can add at once depends on size of tank how will established the tank is
  5. You can but you should put the hardest fish in frist just in case you get ammonia or nitrites spikes
  6. Your water parameters are fine What I would do is add the bristlenose Frist and wait 2week and add guppys rasbora it will allow your beneficial bacteria time to build you
  7. It one of the down side of fish keeping is irresponsible people releaseing fish in to the wild with out thinking of the consequences
  8. I would put some bristlenose pleco in to help control aglae
  9. I would remove baby guppys when it starts to get crowded you should be for the moment
  10. dilute3% seachem flourish excel leave your plants in it for 24 that should most of the algae
  11. I three cave in my tank I have one at the back behind wood one in the corner in my plants and one at front of my tank
  12. The male are bigger and have more bristles on head female only get them around the edge of face
  13. You can use pots or cave in my experience they will breed in both just need to offer a couple of different cave or pots and they will choose the one they like
  14. BN would be fine you could keep a pair in a 29 as long as you have plenty of cave and hiding spots
  15. Most common is gram positive I would treat for that maracyn or API erythromycin treat gram postive bacterial infection
  16. Siamese algae eater like to be in small groups of 5/6 I have had never had just one it might be ok
  17. You need maracyn not maracyn2 different antibiotic one treats gram positive bacterial infections and one treats gram negative if you cannot get maracyn try API erythromycin it the same antibiotic that in maracyn
  18. Easy plants to grow and Javan fern anubis and vallisneria got well in low tech tank
  19. It looks like a nasty bacterial infection have you tried maracyn and salt sometimes it turns them round when really sick
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