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  1. It looks like a bacterial infection possible Columnaris  it a gram negative bacterial infection maracyn treats gram positive bacterial infections the best treatment is a combination of kanaplex and api furan2 he the best way to treat Columnaris


    If you can't get furan2 you can use AAP furacyn instead of furan2   

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  2. On 10/17/2021 at 9:43 PM, lmhicks101 said:

    @Coluwhats your opinion on using aquarium salt during ich treatment and if you would then about how much per water change? 

    Salt takes a lot longer to work against ich and at the levels needed to treat ich it not safe for plants or scaleless fish such as catfish and loach I would not recommend using salt for ich if you have ick x on hand

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  3. Sorry to hear he didn't make it I would finish the course of kanaplex for the fin rot cotton wool disease is an opportunistic fungus that attachés to fish with weaken immune system or injuries I would just treat for fin rot for now if you do notice any fungus on your other fish then I would treat with ick x

  4. Focus acts as a binding agent I would not leave it out of the food recipe ick x can stain things but have used it and not had that problem ick x won't Harm your benefial bacterial if you don't have focus what I would do is treat just with ick x to get the fungal infection under control as it requires daily water that will help with fin rot

  5. It could be over production of the slime coat or fungal infection if it has a fuzzy appearance it more than likely a fungal infection   caused by your high ammonia levels what I would do is add an extra air stone and treat with ick x  as it requires daily water changes it will help to keep your ammonia in check I would also keep adding prime to detoxify any ammonia and cut back on feeding for a couple of days 

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  6. I have never kept apistogramma I would get a pair of apistos  group of tetras you like group of  corydoras such as  panda Corys or salt and pepper Cory's for the bottom of the tank and some nertie snails or Ramshorn snails for algae control as long as you have lots of cover for other fish just in case your apistos breed I think you will be fine

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