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  1. I have met some of the nicest people in Utah associated with this hobby and yes there are a lot of us out there.
  2. I have to always double check my shipping address when ordering Fish online because I don't want them going to New York, There are a lot of Fish people in Utah.
  3. I have spawned them in Tap, not very successful but it was a mistake that just happened. The problem with that statement was the fish were put in a separate tank while I was building my permanent fish room. I never checked the parameters so it could of been naturally softened with plants and time so I would never claim that unless I was sure, unfortunately someone made that claim mostly through a misunderstanding. All my Discus spawn in under 100 ppm and -7 Ph
  4. This is my third fishroom. 1st room was approximately 400 sq.ft. and fully automated. Second was about 100 sq. ft. My current room is 240 and 100% hands on, I enjoy this one the most
  5. Hello everyone my name is Steve Heller and I have been keeping and breeding fish since 1990. I am on my 3rd Fish room and have approximately 35 tanks with the capacity to fit 50 total. I Used to be into African cichlids when I lived in California working with an amazing breeder Named Jon N. in Simi Valley. He taught me so much and I will always be so grateful to him for letting me into his fish room every Saturday and let me pester him with Questions. My payment was always unlimited knowledge and he would always send me home with super rare and amazing fish to help me start my breeding career. He was a huge African cichlid guy that traveled all over the world collecting fish. One day he sent me home with a pair of Discus, I was hooked and actually ended up spawning them and this was before the internet was really a thing. Since then I have spawned many rare and so called "hard to breed fish ". My recent challenge was the midnight ram and it took 9 failures but finally cracked the code. I want to personally thank Cory and Dean for their motivational videos that kept me focused, Thank you guys! My next attempted venture will be the Heckle Discus and Altum Angelfish. Every day is an absolutely exciting adventure.
  6. All started with a 29. Then built a temporary fish room and added a couple tanks, 100 sq. ft Spent the last 4 days framing, insulating, sheetrock and painting the new fish room, 240 sq. ft. tomorrow hooking up water and air, tanks move 50 feet this weekend. Last picture 1.00 gallon sale plus picked up another 75 and 90 for ,50 cents a gallon (used)
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