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  1. Why do all these on line sales organizations not post a phone number? Are they hiding ? Doesn’t seem very business like or remotely professional.~ especially for a organization that supposedly is so customer service oriented. I got to type it all out instead of just say it? What about tone? Geez hide behind a dadgum website without courtesy to shopper /client. Our rights are being eroded by corporate America and our trustworthy elected officials. What is worse is we the people allow it to happen! How numb! Stand together to make it better! just a guy 😩
  2. Sincerely Appreciate all you do aquarium co-op to help us and to further this great endeavor kudos my friend!
  3. Quote:Brilliance is doing the same thing everyday while expecting different results! A. Einstein
  4. My dream product that does not exist is fish meds that actually work as opposed to working another 20 dollars from my wallet. And as a bonus 3-4 dollar aquarium plants. I sell terrestrial plants that are fully rooted for 10-12.00 dollars so shocking to receive such a tiny plant with a extremely small root. Takes several repotting sand years to produce my plants. Did I mention the watering? Fertilizer? Repotting labor? Topsoil? Method of transport from field and back again after repotting? Sure I covered watering? Thanks Corey/— I kno golf is expensive 😝
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