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  1. What a great fish room too, by the way! I love all your stocking selections. I can't wait to move, so I can setup my 55g that's in the garage right now, and get some discus.
  2. I kinda figured the water change system should wait. But I'll definitely try to put in effort to make sure it's expandable/upgradable, so I can keep making those upgrades through the future. Also, thanks for the mention of heating! You're right, I'd really like to avoid using heaters to whatever extent possible.
  3. Ah, thank you for linking those! I had tried using the search bar on the forum, searching "Fish room", but I guess just didn't dig deep enough into the posts.
  4. Hi all, I'll be moving in the coming months, and one of the things I plan on doing is finally setting up my first proper fish room/nook. Yay! For now, I have my 6 tanks just all sporadically placed around my house, and it's rather cumbersome dealing with maintenance all over and hauling my water bucket up and down stairs. I'm wanting to ask you all what should I be most considering in this first fish room? Of course, I won't be going all out and modeling it after Cory's current one, but I also would like to make sure to put some effort into making maintenance more convenient. What are your suggestions for must haves or things to implement when setting it up? Certainly, I'm thinking I'll setup an air system. What about an auto-water change system—would that be overboard for a first-timer's smallish fish room? It'll be a mix of just personal tanks, as well as breeding tanks for my local fish stores. I'll also be adding a few more tanks beyond the 6 I have now, but I suppose I don't want to go too far right off the bat, and put in more than I can handle. I haven't yet decided on what I want to do for racks, but I'm guessing I'll likely end up buying storage racks over building my own. Anything I'm clearly missing or didn't mention? Thanks for your input!
  5. Glad you're getting back into it! I look forward to seeing what you do for your tank!
  6. Thank you! School was something I struggled with wanting to do for quite a while, so being this passionate and motivated feels pretty novel. I'm not sure why that photo would only load upside down. 😂
  7. Unfortunately the nerite snails have decided the barrier stones don't need to stay put, and have started mixing the aquasoil in amongst the pebbles. Ugh!
  8. Oh, sure! I hadn't much considered that. I'm still very new to 3D printing. I'll keep that in mind for anything I use in aquariums. Thanks for the bit of a lesson!
  9. I'm not sure about reasons for it breaking down over time, but ABS has a very low water absorption rate. So as long as you don't have any gaps throughout the print, I was under the belief that ABS didn't need to be sealed.
  10. Oh, I hadn't thought about that! I'll have to seal mine too. Though, what sort of plastic did you use? I know ABS is the preferred plastic for things that will be wet.
  11. I've tried both stiffer and more pliable tubing, and definitely like the stiff better. You'll be pretty much stuck with a circle on the pliable tubing, but with the stiff tubing you can shape it by heating a section then forming it to your shape. A heat gun is best, but you can also use the heat of just a regular lighter. Just be sure not to get it too close so it doesn't melt or burn. I also just came across a post on the r/aquaswap subreddit, and someone was selling their homemade 3d printed corrals for just this. The line was attached to small rings that could slide up and down a post to adjust with the water level. https://v.redd.it/y4anr1rqpnh61
  12. They're dwarf baby tears! It is my first experiment into high tech tanks, and I had started the tank with the dry start method. Though now after I've flooded it, I've been having issues with blackbeard algae growing everywhere. I'm guessing I have too much light, since I never see my CO2 rise super high. Pictures are from the very beginning and now. Though there isn't an overwhelming amount of algae now, since I just did a trimming of it all. I have ember tetras in the tank and some amanos to help a bit with the algae.
  13. Hey all, Finally decided I needed to start being more active online. I don't have much of an aquarium community around me, so I'm happy to have a place like this! I've been a follower of the channel for a little while, but I keep hearing such great things about the forum. I've been in the hobby for a little over a year now. I'm up to 6 tanks, ranging from a 2.5gal to a 29gal. I'm currently working on breeding out a few species of shrimp. And my favorite fish right now are the chocolate Kuhli loaches I recently got. I love these little buggers! The hobby has had such an impact on me that I decided to return to uni back in December, to pursue a degree in Marine Biology and Sustainable Aquaculture. It's been an adjustment being back in school, but I'm loving it like I haven't loved school before.
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