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  1. Thanks for your assistance! The site was seriously fish. I actually bookmarked this time so I don't forget. I will check other links as well. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Hello everyone and thanks in advance for reading and possibly assisting me. I am trying to find a website that has information on basically each different type of aquarium fish. Everything from habitat and parameters to breeding and feeding habits. In particular, Steenfott Aquatics mentioned a specific site in a livestream within the last 2 months or so. (I remember vividly him talking about how this particular website had finally figured out how to start monetizing their content). Im not sure how to find a specific moment in his live streams to find the name of the website again. If anyone has any idea of the website he mentioned I would be very appreciative, or if someone has one that they find invaluable, it would be a big help. Thanks in advance for all your assistance! Dan
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