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  1. Update: I dosed erythromycin cos I saw he had fin rot, he’s much better now. But he does still stay stationery. I’ve added some Fox tail to the tank.


  2. I tried putting my Betta in a planted 15 gallon tank, which had 11 harlequin rasboras and 5 assassin snails. He hid under the rocks and didn’t come out to eat. He was so scared of those fish, but he started to attack my assassin snails. Bettas are unpredictable. Now he’s in a 5 gallon by himself.
  3. I have one doubt, will fin rot cause lethargy?  I just saw he’s losing color at the tip of the tail and there’s a small hole in his top fin. 

  4. Update: I’ve added some Java fern, Java moss and some anubias. I’ll post a pic soon. 

  5. Ok I’ll try putting plants in again, actually, I didn’t have a light on top, that’s why they rotted. I’ll also try fasting for a day. But he is very much interested in food even now. I’ll try to get the ph checked also. Thanks for everyone who responded
  6. These were the closest I could possibly get (I’ve added two more) , and as for the temperature, that’s like the normal room temperature here in our city. We do get to 26 but that’s in the winter, like now. So I’m sure all the fish in our city are slanted to that temp. sorry to disagree with you about the temp but that’s were all the fish in our city exist and they’re happy.
  7. Kevin1127

    Sick Betta

    Hi, I'm Kevin. My Betta Black Currant Icecream isn't doing well. He's in a 5 gallon tank by himself, There's a hang on the back with the flow turned all the way down. The water parameters are all normal. The temperature is 30 degrees celcius (Normal in Chennai, India). I got him 2 months ago but for the past couple of weeks he's been very inactive, He stays at the top or at the bottom of the tank for most of the day. He eats well and I give him Hikari Betta Bio gold (twice a day, 3-5 pellets a time). He seems lethargic now and he doesn't raise his top fin as he used to do when I got him. I did have some Java moss in there but I removed them now (they started rotting). I do a 20% water change weekly. I can't see any white spots on him, nor can I see any tears in his fins. He doesn't have a swollen belly either. He looks sick, but I can't find out what the problem is. The guy at the local aquarium where I got him said it's because of the sudden dip in temperature and the fish would be fine if I keep him at 30 and put some salt in. What should I do? Can you help me?
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