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  1. Thank you Daniel. If they are seed shrimp then no harm there and I will let them be. I first thought they were parasites. I used Expel P yesterday and today I saw the creatures. So I thought they were reacting to the medicines. But I will keep it under observation. Thank you very much!
  2. The tiny white spots are the critters. They swim and crawl around the wood. They move very fast considering their size.
  3. Hi! I just realized that a colony of tiny white little creatures (that look like mites) living in a piece of driftwood in my aquarium. I was wondering if somebody can help me to identify if this should be taken care of. Or, if it is part of the ecosystem. It is a 7 gallon aquarium with a HOB, a few pieces of driftwood, river rocks, and a few aquatic plants like java fern, tiger lotus and anubias. I would provide pictures but at this moment can't. I'll post them if somebody answers. Thanks!
  4. Thanks!. Got it! It will depend on testing for pareters regularly and take into account for stock. It makes the most sense. I really like that the Co-Op offers a nice set of testing strips. ☮️👍😁
  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to ask if there are any good rules of thumbs for when setting up a new 55 gal. For example frequency for water. Is it weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.? Filtering: * two marineland HOBs with filter media, carbon mat filter and filter floss *One Medium Coarse airpump filter. Stock: *Three Angelfish *Six Kuhli Loaches *One irredescent shark *Six congo tetra No need for heating since normal room temperature is around 75-85 degrees. And substrate is inert gravel with a thin layer of stratum underneath. Also, there are a few valisneria, one sword and one bolbitis. There is some driftwood also. I used bacteria 4 oz. The aquarium is the one on the picture.Constructive comments are appreciated.
  6. Hi! I'm not an expert on fish desease but I've got an irredescent shark to take care for. And, it looked like what it had was finrot or amonia burns. Either way I used myradel(maracyn?), Paracleanse and the Ich X. Basically the meds trio from the Aquarium Co-Op. Now I'm using salt also to treat for cloudy eye. But, for that last one I don't knowif salt helps with cloudy eye. Anyhow it took for like three full weeks for the irredescent shark to cure from the amonia burns (or finrot?)... I suggest putting your fish into a qt tank and use Medtrio... Bests regards!
  7. Hi! Im having trouble taking care of a fish. This angelfish has been handed to me for care. But, i do not know what has happened to it. I don't know if the cloudy eye is from trauma or because of a disease. It used to live in a 55 gal with two other angelfish and a baby irredescent shark. The owner told me that the tank was neglected a few times. When I got the fish the irredescent shark had amonia burns in the fins. Which have gotten significantly better. I treated the fish with paracleanse first, then myradel. Now im using salt. Also there's tanins in the water because of driftwood. First picture is the right eye with the cloudy eye. Second picture the left eye for comparison. What can I do?
  8. Hi! I was wondering what does the comunity think are the best practices for keeping aquariums while in a family environment. Which safety precautions should we teach children that are too young to manage an aquarium? Or, how are there propper steps to follow if an accident happens like a broken aquarium, flooded aquarium or other hazard that may happen? It would be cool to have a brochure for common situations that may arise and how to propperly manage them. Even how to manage fish species that may harm ecological factors if released in the wild.
  9. Hi! I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I've been a fan of Aquarium Co-Op for about maybe 8 months now. I really enjoy the videos and learn so much from them. I would like to get to see interesting stuff that people come up with like indoor ponds, small tanks, aquascape and exotic fish and tanks; and how to take care of them. I will try to post updates of my aquarium and share this experience that is new to me but has awoken the nature appreciator in me. On this first picture I share with you is a pair of pearl gouramis with two anubias barteri glued and tied with string on some mopani wood. And, a banana plant on the foreground. My filter is for nano tanks though a medium size is on it's way. Oh, there's a dwarf lilly bulb pinched under the driftwood. Hopefully the water gets clear soon. But anyways, hello everyone!
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