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  1. Oh Colorado how I love you. Currently 91 out with a forecast for Tuesday of snow with a high of 35. Time to save as many fry And shrimp as possible and break down the deck pond.
  2. Sorry about the terrible glare but I found this small bug pulling a floating plant down my glass. Moves an looks kind of like a caterpillar. Is it anything to be concerned about.
  3. My favorite right now is the L200a High Fin Green Phantom, this photo is of mine. I also have L201 Snowball, and a L264 Sultan that shouldn’t get too big. There’s many amazing L-number Plecos.
  4. Hey aquarium people I have a question about hydra, specifically green hydra. As someone newer to planted aquariums I have come to find my first tank that has a large number of green hydra in it. As with many other things, the internet will tell me that they must be pure evil and to get them out ASAP. But I have learned from Cory’s videos that many of these small creatures in our tanks might not be that bad and could be good for the ecosystem. So what’s your opinion or experience with hydra? At this time they don’t bother me I just want to learn more about them. A little about the tank. 20g guppy breeding tank with lots of fry, snails, and two amano shrimp. Dirt with sand cap, planted and a small amount of wood. Tested weekly with no issues and water changed as needed every week to ten days. I also feed baby brine shrimp multiple times a week which I have come to learn the hydra love to eat too.
  5. Smooth rocks for her to lay the eggs on and cover. I just had a pair spawn in a 45G community tank. They did so under the edge of some drift wood and a big sword plant. I would recommend Dean and Cory's video on the COOP youtube about breeding german blue rams and setting up a tank with hiding places and rocks for spawning. Good luck!
  6. Last photo could be an L075 Para Pleco and the first photo looks like it could be L260 Queen Arabesque Pleco. Not sure about the other two, the second photo looks like the only L333 to me but Im not sure.
  7. Colorado sunset with an awesome storm cloud.
  8. How have you been enjoying nature recently? Whether it’s the nature you keep and maintain in your home, or somewhere you explored, if it has brought you joy feel free to share! I have mostly been working outside the store since returning to work. The other day I got to enjoy a few moments of this visiting dragonfly between customers.
  9. Curious about the potential of a database/thread of local breeders on this forum. Not as an active way to sell or advertise but more along the lines of this is who I am, where I am, my aquabid/eBay usernames are X. The reason I ask is to my knowledge there is not a great way to find local breeder outside of in person fish clubs that for most in US are not meeting for health and safety reasons. I’m sure you guys might already be considering rules around fish as I anticipate that as people post about breeding projects and grow outs others are likely to inquire on how to get fish from them. Being that the CO-OP doesn’t ship fish I don’t think this has a large concern as far as hurting the bottom line. Although I’m sure there would be some concern about if someone had a bad transaction from a breeder they found through this forum does that have negative impact on the co-op brand. It’s a lot to consider, thank you in advanced for all the effort this forum will take but I believe there will be a great culture here.
  10. Our first deck pond, 100g Black tote. Our Lilly bloomed for the first time today. Stocked with Guppies, Swordtails, and constantly visiting bees!
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