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  1. I was thinking maybe excess mucus production due to an infection or maybe with his health in a bad spot he self poisoned himself I've never ever experienced anything like this, I'll continue keeping him in a clean environment and finish this treatment to see if it helps
  2. I got better pictures while he undergoes current treatment if this helps identify the issue.
  3. So the same as maracyn two essentially but i believe kanaplex is stronger if i remember correctly?!
  4. @Colu Thank you for the recipe i also have kanaplex on hand but not malachite green unfortunately so I'll grab some soon incase i have to resort to that!
  5. @lefty o That was my first thought as well, i can start a course of a maracyn and ich-x combo to combat it, see of he improves.
  6. @Gator Awesome tysm! i have a wide variety of meds on hand just incase ,im just missing Maracyn two and oh no i would never do salt with my corydoras ❤ All i need is to invest in a new manual temp set heater as my previous one broke so i just have a regular preset one, I'll stop by my lfs tomorrow and pick one up thanks for the help. I'll update the post as he improves!
  7. @Colu he doesn't sit still so its very hard to get a good picture but it looks like bumps to me, i haven't noticed any rubbing on objects whatsoever and he's been pooping normal as well
  8. So i got a new sterbai corydora who was in semi-ok condition from previous owner and now he developed these bumps,anyone have any idea what is causing this or what it is? 7.2 ph Nitrates 10 Hardness Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 6 Water Temperature 78 He eats but not as much as he should be 😔
  9. @Brandy i think the ich-x is working i did the dose yesterday and they seem more energetic today 😭💖
  10. @ange @Brandy i will try the ich x tomorrow in the morning while i wait to do the final round of paracleanse, maybe there's something that's not visible besides possible internal parasites which i haven't seen any in their poop so im just not sure at this point
  11. @Brandy so i feed them frozen brine shrimp once a day in the morning and i follow up with some omega one freshwater flakes as recommended by someone at night-time for dinner also i did the med trio according to aquarium co-op directions, which was 1 week soaking treatment then re dose paracleanse on week 4 after waiting 2 weeks of nothing added i have yet yo do the 2nd round of paracleanse as it's not time yet the only thing i didn't dose at all was ich-x because it just arrived in the mail today For symptoms its just erratic swimming/seizure,not actively showing off with their fancy swimming skills,sometimes one or two will float closer to the bottom of the tank and just rest there, finally their appetite is off and on ,mostly they eat though its just they're not into it ,as in low energy instead of hungry sharks *edit* I also do a fasting day once a week
  12. @ange thats why im treating with med trio to be safe but nothing has improved with the first round so far only thing i could think of was hydra or because my water is super hard but they were fine with my hard water for months so im not sure, i did get a reverse osmosis system today just incase, this way i can balance it out better.
  13. @Brandy so my amano shrimp are babies and i believe the hyrda are attacking them as well as my young rainbow's ever since they appeared my rainbow's tails are pinned together and they're not doing so well swimming, i lost two who touched them then proceeded to have a seizure shortly after alongside erratic swimming before passing on so i wanted to get rid of them, i have a friend who said he experienced the same thing with his forktail rainbow's and hydra
  14. So i just finished the 1 week of med trio treatment with just paracleanse and maracyn, can i treat with some hydra killer while i wait the 2 weeks to dose paracleanse again its from buce called aquarium bio protector z-1 formula or would that be too stressful on everyone? 7 forktail rainbow's,1 vampire shrimp,1 bamboo shrimp and 5 amano shrimp
  15. @Cory thank you so much! I will do just that and keep an eye on my water parameters as well
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