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  1. Thanks everyone. Cory in thuus 90 gal tank are 3 Dojos, 1 Blue Acara Male, the Synodontis catfish, a Royal pleco, 3 SAE's. 4 Red Hook Silver Dollars. Temp in tank is 75, will certainly follow advice.
  2. https://s.amsu.ng/EQLm3kLVauzN Poor thing started with it looking like he had scratched himself maybe on wood while swimming, but the fishes and the wood have all been in there for over 2 years. We had another Dojo same type, bought together over 2 years ago, that got this and we treated with Erythromycin but he died. Now a few months later this guy has it. Please help. We have been treating this time with Maracyn we got from AC. Water test shows GH is 120, KH is 40, pH is 6.5, No2 is .5, No3 is 160. Please help, I can't stand how bad this must hurt him, btw, he's still eating and swimming but not with his normal high activity.
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