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  1. Thank you. I’ll order more plant tabs. How about the Java ferns? They gave brown leaves on them. One is planted. Two are glued to wood. Should I use easy green liquid 2x a week?
  2. Dose easy green 1x week, plant tabs 1x every couple months, aqueon optibright 39-36” input voltage 15DC, 1S max led light bar 4 hrs am, 4 hrs pm or more, ph 7.0-7.2,ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10ppm.
  3. I forgot to say I also use he easy root tabs along with the easy green liquid fertilizer
  4. My Amazon sword has melting leaves and holes. It’s been in the tank about a year. I use the all in one fertilizer. My Java fern is also looking the same. What can I do?
  5. Paul they lay eggs every couple weeks it seems like. Mainly spring and during the last month or two. They lay Them, guard them for a couple days then eat them. Within a week, they repeat the process.
  6. My discus eat their eggs every time. They lay often, but never had a survivor.
  7. I have 2 breeding Discus. They have always eaten their eggs. I got them as adults and have had them 2 years. Many of their eggs get fungus. Any suggestions on how to get fry ?
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