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  1. its always fun to see new fry. bonus is you get to do it again in about a month.
  2. spots on java fern are fairly normal. the ferns would also likely do better attached to wood or rock with their roots completely out of the substrate. with plants, if they are green and look healthy, they usually are.
  3. i would try and move the pumps out of the room. it may require buying a good length of air line tubing, but should be a small investment for the added safety margin. that, and i would ensure the tanks are well covered.
  4. that is a cool piece of mopani. i would pre soak it for a while, lots of dark in it to stain the water.
  5. i dont think it would be mean to put a plant there. they will likely find another spot to zoom around.
  6. some cory's just seem to enjoy it. i used to have some panda cory's that just went wild in a bubble wall.
  7. the 2 or 3 females to each male is for small populations. once you get a bunch going the females seem to be able to get away when they want.
  8. assassins will sometimes burrow into the substrate.
  9. thats a pile of guppies. have you named them all? LOL
  10. hate to be sexist, but i'd pull the females in order to control the population. as far as ratio's go, it is best if there are 2 or 3 females to every male, otherwise the males will chase them to death. especially if you have like multiple more males than females.
  11. the poster above hits on good questions, especially the "is this a new tank?". if it is a new tank, it needs to be cycled, or given a kick start with something from an established tank or a product like fritzyme that will give it a good dose of beneficial bacteria to get it going properly.
  12. looks good to me. as long as they have a bit of a belly, they are eating.
  13. welcome. lots of people here to give you ideas on how to spend lots of money on fish, and tanks. good luck!
  14. with guppies, you have to decide if you want to try and line breed them for whatever characteristic you want, or just let whatever happens , happen. plenty of videos out there on line breeding guppies. better fish is in the eye of the beholder. pure strains certainly have the eye appeal depending on what it is you are looking for, however mutt guppies will tend to be more robust/healthier. 2-3 pair of guppies, or mollies etc will have you up to your ears in fry in no time. i recently started or more correctly restarted something similar. i gave away my old strain of guppy/endler hybrids, and got a pair of blue dragon guppies, and a pair of yellow dragon guppies, and 2 young female red dragon guppies. i like the dragon type of guppy, and time will tell what colors show up. good luck.
  15. i agree, they will be fine. pretty much any fish can tolerate some salt, and some can tolerate a lot of it.
  16. im no expert, but judging from the photo, he is just a poorly colored cherry. whether he is a rilli or just poorly colored, he can pass along the genetics.
  17. fish can go a very long time without food, so not to worry unless there are very young fry. how are you testing for ammonia, and what water conditioner are you using if any?
  18. the co-op sponge is good for growing bacteria, and some filtering. if you want finer filtering you can pair the co-op sponge with some of that blue/white filter media, or other fine filter floss. tons of choices depending on your exact goal, and the only real consideration is the finer the media, the more often it needs rinsed out or replaced.
  19. java ferns dont get too tall, however certain sword plants can get well over a foot.
  20. light or dark shouldnt matter. as far as when to dose, whenever you have a few minutes available approx 12hrs apart.
  21. its more like someone sanded the wood with very very fine sandpaper over a very long time. even something soft like a chunk of cholla wood will last over a year.
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