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  1. Are either reliable and would they have healthy fish?
  2. Hi there! I’m looking to purchase a figure eight puffer for my new (empty) 40 gallon brackish water tank. No one in my area sells them so I was looking to purchase one online. What would be the most reputable source to purchase one from?
  3. Hi there! I am looking into getting three pea puffers for my planted 20 gallon tank and was watching some aquarium co-op videos and reading and researching to be well informed before purchasing them. In one of Aquarium co-ops videos he mentioned that most pea puffers are wild caught and should be treated with a trio of medication once you get them. My questions are as follows: what three medications do you use? do you keep the pea puffers in a separate tank when treating them if they are in a planted tank or other healthy inhabitant ? if they are to be held in a separate tank can they be kept together or must they be kept separately ? how big should the holding tank be? and finally, for how long should they be on the medication before introducing them into the new tank? Thank you in advance!!!
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