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  1. thanks for your help! I do have some melafix, will that work, but Im going to buy some kanaplex too.
  2. i cant find Furan 2 anywhere, I got some Paraguard and Neoplex.
  3. How do I treat columnaris. I think its that, swelling in the mouth. One of my bettas got it, now they are all getting it. HELP!
  4. Thanks. I have two others are are doing good.
  5. I did do a separate ammonia test and it was 0. Sadly my puffer past away. I tried to start treatment but it was to late. 😢
  6. Aqua clear 20 filter I have two other puffers in the same thing they’re not doing anything weird water perimeters look decent temperature of 78 no air stone. I just can’t figure out why he’s not eating either
  7. My pea puffer has been hovering at the top of the water and not eating he’s about two years old and otherwise has been healthy. He’s in a 10 gallon tank with lots of plants. Has anyone ever heard of this it’s been going on about two days now. It does look like he’s kind of gasping for air at the top.
  8. I do water changes once a month, sometimes two months go by.
  9. I have hard water. I Noticed my PH in my 80 gallon had dropped to below 6. I have no idea what’s going on. I have plants, rocks. And sand substrate. I keep bettas, killifish and tetras in the tank. I did a water change and the pH was OK for a little while but then it went back down. Someone please help me. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! This is my tank now. That was a old pic. The water sprite has blown up!!
  11. Also, should I put my cory eggs in a breeder box like the ziss breeder or put them in a separate tank all together? Appreciate any feedback thank you.
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