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  1. My friends built in internal filter has de-attched from the glass because it was left in a hot shed, can we use Fourish Super Glue to glue it back onto the glass?
  2. Hi guys, Is it true that higher PH has less Co2 and if so is adding CO2 a good idea? My ph is 8.4 and I'm growing plants without Co2 with some success but I've heard you'll get better growth with a PH of around neutral. True, false, some truth in there?
  3. I'm struggling with the same issues in one of my display tanks... Any advice?
  4. Does high phosphate mean high nitrate? One guy on YouTube thinks they are linked and that if your phosphate is high that means you have nitrate problems also so testing and managing phosphate on its own in a freshwater system is not fixing the issue. I tested the phosphate with my Phosphate Fluval Test Kit which tested very high and then the nitrates on the API Liquid Test which was very high also. I then tested the nitrates on the Co-op Test Strips as seen in the photo but the levels seem normal?
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. I purchased a phosphate testing kit and the readings where through the roof. My guess is that because of the drift wood centrepiece the organic matter is breaking down and elevating the levels to the moon. I guess its time to include something like PhosGuard into my arsenal!
  6. I'm struggling to get what I assume is hair algae under control. It grows in tufts stuck on the decor (see photos). I'm running a fluval 2.0 light on 8 hours a day, the tank only gets ambient light as our porch blocks direct sunlight. I'm dosing liquid fertilizer on a regular bases to feed the plants hoping to find a balance. I've heard high phosphate in the water could potentially be aiding the hair algae growth? I'm in Australia so don't have access to Amano shrimp that I've heard eat hair algae. Thoughts?
  7. Yeah wow, that's unfortunate you need to do so much work on your water to make it viable, that does sound like a real pain. I enjoy watching Primetime aquatics, they're very informative. Sounds like we've kept similar fish. I have noticed that Neon Tetras can be quite finicky, I have 1 out of 20 that has been alive for 3 years but the others consistently died from month 1 through to my last neon. A bit disappointing but I guess they are bred quite heavily. But thanks for the reply Tony, appreciate it
  8. Hi Tony, cheers for the reply. I also covered my filter intake and am thinking the same thing about cover for the fry. I like your idea of the hortwort, might have to think about trying that. What other fish do you keep with success?I'm curious as our water chemistry is similar.
  9. Hi guys I'm trying to breed plates in one of my display tanks but I'm not seeing any new fry. The tank has been setup for about 6 months now. I have young fish in there from a female who was carrying when I bought the fish. Temperature is 72, ph of 7, hard water 300+. Ideas on how to get more breeding?
  10. Thanks for all the responses, definitely starting to understand more about it!
  11. Hearing good and bad things about anaerobic bacteria in an aquarium and am curious to learn about it. What is it and what experiences have you had with anaerobic bacteria? (Substrate from my cichlid tank)
  12. I've got a few lays of sponge in the first section then coarse media sticks in the other.
  13. Fair enough. I trust Aquarium Coop strips more than API, no proof that API is an accurate measurer of nitrates, they're just what we're used to. I know that Cory and others hobbyists have tested the strips thousands of times and are happy with the results so thats enough for me!
  14. I'm using the Aquarium Coop test stripes and Ammonia from API test kit
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